Thursday, September 8, 2011

D1 Nation Alumni Update: Alex Ellis

The Class of 2010 D1 Ambassadors squad coached by Jon Lindsey was one of the most feared teams on the circuit.  As back to back winners of the Houston Kingwood Classic they sent many a big name squad back hone scratching their heads as to what happened.  Some great players off that crew went on to play Division One basketball including Cody Doolin (San Francisco), Daniel Alexander (Texas A&M), Trey Lindsey (Louisiana-Monroe), J.J. Avila (Navy), Jordan Clarkson (Tulsa) and Chris Clements (Princeton).
Perhaps the purest shooter of that group, Alex Ellis of Austin High took a different route.  He is the first D1 Ambassadors alumni to earn a scholarship to play Division One golf.  He's at the beautiful College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. He may be the smartest one of the bunch as he's picked a lifelong sport in golf, a game that opens up many doors and the links are reknowned as the best place to close business deals.

Alex is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis of Austin, TX and played his high school basketball for Austin High School under Coach Tres Ellis (now at Austin Westlake).
Celtics great Ray Allen (left) tees it up with Texas D1 Ambassadors alumni Alex Ellis
Alex's favorite sport growing up was basketball.  He told me he always aspired to be like J.J. Reddick.  He played golf because he was good at it, but spent 10 years struggling with his love for basketball.  He liked shooting three's more than he did making birdies.  (What the heck Alex???? I'm lucky to get one birdie a round!)  Ellis loved the team aspect of basketball, especially the camaraderie of travelling to different states with his D1 Ambassadors Family.
"The best decision I ever made in my basketball career happened in Florida in my 8th grade summer… It was a 3 on 2 fast break and I decided to step in the lane with Jackson Jeffcoat (now the starting defensive end for the University of Texas). At the time he had me by almost a foot and at least 100 lbs, and he used every bit of it. The only thing I remember was looking straight into his waistband and the ball hitting me in the head after he dunked on me. It was awful at the time, but I say it’s the best thing that ever happened to me because that dunk really put things in perspective.

That’s is when I started realizing that I may not have been athletic enough, and I definitely wasn’t big enough. So from that point on I knew basketball wasn’t for me, I was meant to play golf. I played two more High School seasons and then gave it up for good. I still miss it every time basketball season comes around, but looking back on it I know I made the right choice in playing golf. Golf has given me opportunities like playing golf with Ray Allen and Colt McCoy as well as a Scholarship to play in one of the greatest cities in the world, Charleston, South Carolina.-Alex Ellis"

Alex, we are indeed proud of you as are your folks and your hometown of Austin, TX.-Coach Max Ivany