Friday, October 31, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2010

Top Performers Class of 2010 By The Numbers
(Details to follow)

1. Demetris Smith 6'8.5"
2. Daniel Alexander 6'8"
3. Tyler Kotson 6'7"
3. Chris Rogers 6'7"
5. Matt Quinn 6'6.5"
5. Jonathan Perry 6'6.5"
7. O.J. Moore 6'5.5"
7. Conner Kemper 6'5.5
7. Jacob Horton 6'5.5"
20 Yard Dash

1. Romando Garcia 2.58 seconds
2. Michael Farace 2.61 seconds
3. Antonio Clemons 2.62 second
4. Julian Jones 2.67 second
5. Tyler Kotson 2.70 seconds
6. Chris Rogers 2.70 seconds

Vertical Leap

1. Romando Garcia 33.6"
2. Antonio Clemons 33.3"
3. Sultan Kamara 31.0"
4. Daniel Alexander 29.9"
4. Julian Jones 29.9"
6. Paul Garnica 28.9"
7. O.J. Moore 28.6"
7. Conner Kemper 28.6"

Standing Broad Jump

1. Romand Garcia 8'11"
2. Antonio Clemons 8'8"
3. O.J. Moore 8'1"
4. Jonathan Perry 8'0"
4. Jacob Horton 8'0"
4. Daniel Alexander 8'0"
4. Conner Kemper 8'0"

Pro Agility Shuttle

1. Antonio Clemons 4.59 seconds
1. Michael Farace 4.59 seconds
1. Nathaniel Velasco 4.59 seconds
4. Conner Kemper 4.62 seconds
5. Romando Garcia 4.78 seconds
5. Cody Doolin 4.78 seconds

Hot Shot Shooting Drill
1. Jacob Horton 9/10 39.71 seconds
2. Jonathan Perry 8/10 43.60 seconds
3. Matt Quinn 7/10 37.47 seconds
4. Chris Gramling 7/10 40.31 seconds

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2011

Top Left: 2011 Austin Burch
Top Right 2011 Austin Williams

2nd Left: 2011 Yusuf Abdullah 2nd Right: 2011 Sean Voss

3rd Left: 2011 Deon Mitchell 3rd Right: 2011 Mark Nwakamma Bottom Right: 2011 Tarale Murry

Top Performers
Class of 2011 By The Numbers

20 Yard Dash

1. Tarale Murray 2.59 seconds
2. Deon Mitchell 2.60 seconds
2. Kevin Washington 2.60 seconds
4. Austin Burch 2.63 seconds
5. Sean Voss 2.65 seconds
6. Mark Nwakamma 2.67 seconds

Vertical Leap

1. Tarale Murray 33.6"
2. Yusuf Abdullah 29.3"
3. Deon Mitchell 28.8"
4. Mark Nwakamma 28.7"
5. Austin Williams 28.1"

Standing Broad Jump

1. Austin Williams 8'9"
2. Tarale Murray 8'8"
3. Yusuf Abdullah 8'7"
4. Deon Mitchell 8'0"
5. Mark Nwakamma 7'8"

Pro Agility Shuttle

1. Austin Williams 4.68 seconds
2. Sean Voss 4.69 seconds
3. Tarale Murray 4.70 seconds
4. Austin Burch 4.73 seconds
5. Deon Mitchell 4.79 seconds

Hot Shot Shooting Drill
1. Deon Mitchell 9/10 31.75 seconds!
2. Royce O'Neale 7/10 36.62 seconds
3. Joshua Dyba 7/10 39.88 seconds
4. Austin Burch 6/10 38.19 seconds
5.Hunter Davee 6/10 38.31 seconds
6. Stacy Hauger 6/10 38.41 seconds


1. Mark Nwakamma 6'8"
2. Tarale Murray 6'7 1/2"
3. Brandon Golden 6'4 1/2"
4. Yusuf Abdullah 6'3 1/2"
4. Jordan Giddings 6'3 1/2
4. Austin Burch 6'3 1/2"
4. Austin Williams 6'3 1/2"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bryan HS Boys Preview

From left to right:
2009 Cory Burleson
2009 Terrance Wilbert
2012 J.Mychal Reese (Shown here in nis ESPN shoot as a 7th grader.

Spoke to Vikings Head Man John Reese on the phone this evening about this upcoming year at Bryan HS. There is no doubt going to be some differences this season as he lost 6'7" Rayland Robinson and three year starter PG Allyn Cooks both who signed with Temple College. Cooks was an extremely late qualifier so expect him to be gone D-1 after one year at Temple JC. He was a great leader and competitor, it's hard to replace that kind of player.

The difference this year is that Big Reese loses even Bigger 6'10" Chris Jones. CJ hasn't scored a bucket in 15 years but the loyal and highly qualified assistant Coach will no longer be Coach Reese's right hand man in practice and on the bench, as he's taken the Head Coaching job at Bryan's new HS, Bryan Rudder.

Rudder HS will compete this year at the 3A level.

Several of the players that could have been a key part of the Bryan HS program have opted to go to the new high school and get an earlier opportunity to play, so I do not expect the Vikings to have the depth of years past. Don't expect too much to change though as Coach Reese says, "We'll be pressing as soon as we get off the bus."

The cupboard isn't bare though with 2009 6'4" Terrance Wilbert who played key minutes last year returning for his senior campaign. Wilbert plays tough D and can get after it in transition as well as having a nice mid range face up game. 2009 F Cory Burleson also brings athleticism and toughness to the undersized Vikings. As always, their lack of height will be neutralized by their high tempo designed to wear bigger teams out.

Reese is modest/cautious in speaking about his biggest asset. After what seems like 20 years, Coach Reese has an opportunity for the next 4 seasons to coach his son, J. Mychal at the high school level. J. Mike has been the most written and talked about schoolboy player on the planet over the last 5 years. As the concensus number one PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY over that time this youngster and his family have been scrutinized in every way possible. A 5 page spread in ESPN The Magazine, appearances on ESPN's Outside The Lines, and a variety of other media exposure has put a target on this kid's back for what seems like forever.

A credit to Coach Reese, his wife Celeste and family, J. Mychal keeps a humble, hard working no nonsense approach to his basketball world and is treated like any "ordinary kid" at home so that there is no opportunity to get a big head. Don't expect a levelling out of his talent. Expect Bryan HS games to be full of D-1 coaches, and why not...they were there for his Middle School games! That's right, his MS games were moved to Bryan HS just to accommodate the crowds. As an 8th grader young Reese was offered by Arizona and Texas A&M.

Bryan will be tough as usual, but Killeen Ellison, Harker Heights, A&M Consolidated and possibly Temple will all have something to say about it in District 12-5A.

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2012

Top Left: 2013 Miles Williams Top Right: 2013 Jarrin Johnson
2nd Left: 2013 R.J. Rowan 2nd Right: 2013 Spencer Phillips
3rd Left: 2013 Michael Hargis 3rd Right: 2013 Matt Tyson
4th Left: 2013 Matt Gramling 4th Right: 2013 Jamaal Shabazz
Lower Left: 2013 Drew Wikelius

Class of 2012 Top Performers By The Numbers

20 Yard dash

1. Miles Williams 2.68
1. Jarrin Johnson 2.68
3. R.J. Rowan 2.74
4. Matt Tyson 2.75
5.Davon Henry 2.77

Vertical Leap

1. Spencer Phillips 31.2"
2. Jarrin Johnson 28.4"
3. Miles Williams 27.8"
4. Nigel Robertson 27.3"
5. Matt Tyson 27.0"

Standing Broad Jump

1. Spencer Phillips 8'5"
2. Miles Williams 8'0"
3. Matt Tyson 7'8"
4. Matt Gramling 7'7"
5. Will Cefai 7'7"

Pro Agility Shuttle

1. Matt Tyson 4.69
2. Spencer Phillips 4.81
3. Davon Henry 4.90
4. Matt Gramling 4.93
5. Michael Hargis 5.00

Hot Shot Shooting Drill

1. Collin Tubbs 6/10 37.00 seconds
2. Spencer Phillips 6/10 38.74 seconds
3. R.J. Rowan 6/10 39.57 seconds
4. Matt Gramling 6/10 40.00 seconds
5. Drew Wikelius 6/10 42.08 seconds


1. Michael Hargis 6'8"
2. Jamaal Shabazz 6'7"
3. Drew Wikelius 6'5"
4. Davon Henry 6'4"
5. Christian Davis 6'2"
5. Jarrin Johnson 6'2"

There was only one true Big in the Class of 2012 and that was a player likely to turn out to be a very nice college "4" when it's all said and done.

2012 P 6'5" Drew Wikelius showed nice range on his shot and advanced footwork in the post. He also has a strong body. Once he improves his footspeed the sky's the limit. Look for Wikelius to not only make the varsity at 5A Austin Westlake but to also be a solid contributor by the time district play rolls around.

2012 W 6'3" Michael Hargis has as strong a set of post moves as anyone in the CenTex area as a freshman. His future will not be in the post though, it will be on the wing. He should make the talented LBJ varsity as a freshman. His strengths at the moment are that he's a strong rebounder. However he's a more than adequate ballhandler and as the son of former college Coach Mike Hargis (Jacksonville College and Huston-Tillotson) he'll be sure to continue to improve.

2012 W 6'4" Davon Henry is fast, strong and talented. He can bang inside, runs the floor, can take you off the dribble and has decent range on his shot. Look for big things from him.

2012 G 6'3" Jamaal Shabazz has a nice wingspan for a guard at 6'7". His handles are solid and he has range to the three point line on his shot. Runs the floor extremely well and will be a nice prospect.

2012 PG 5'6" Spencer Phillips showed the most all around athleticism of anyone in the Class of 2012. He won two timed events and finished second in two others. Phillips knows how to run a team, and can shoot the ball too. As he grows, his stock will continue to rise. Expect him to get significant varsity minutes this year as a freshman on the Hyde Park Varsity.

2012 PG 6'0" Matt Gramling of San Antonio projects to being a Division One point guard. He's in the top end of athleticism, but in addition this kid knows how to run a team. He's been playing up on the summer scene for several years now, so he is battle tested. He'll likely top out at about 6'3" which is great size for a true point. The kid can score too.

2012 W 6'1 Miles Williams was right there with Spencer Phillips as the best raw athlete in the Class of 2012. He shot the ball well too. Continued improvement of his ballhandling will be the key to how far he can rise.

2012 5'9" R.J. Rowan can really shoot lights out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2013 Guards

Top Left: 2013 G 5'9" Shane Lacaille
Top Right: 2013 G 6'0" Vince Villa Gomez
Middle Left: 2013 G 5'11" Stefan Vidovic
Middle Right: 2013 G 5'11" Lir Galanti
Bottom Left: 2013 G 5'5" John Gramlich
Bottom Right: 2013 G 5'5" Christopher Murch
The 2013 Class of guards was athletic, and is represented nicely by kids who can shoot the ball and that have long term potential. Top peformer in each category was:
20 Yard Dash Lir Galanti 2.79 seconds
Vertical Leap Vince Villa Gomez 26.9"
Standing Broad Jump Shane Lacaille 103"
Hot Shot Shooting Drill Stefan Vidovic 8/10
2013 G 5'9" Shane Lacaille is going to be a superior leaper as his 25.4 vert and his SUPERIOR standing broad jump of 103" He shot the ball well too, hitting 6/10 in the Hot Shot drill.
2013 G 6'0" Vince Villa Gomez has work to do on his fundamentals but who can argue with his potential as he topped the charts with a 26.9 vertical and above average scores in the other timed events. Along with being very coachable he could be a very nice prospect.
2013 G 5'11" Stefan Vidovic showed great court vision. He needs to keep working on his lateral quickness and defense but I love his basketball skill set and ability to shoot the ball as his Hot Shot Shooting drill 8/10 shows. Stefan will end up being a big guard as his Pops, Sonny is about 6'4". Given that dad was a pro over in Europe expect the younger Vidovic to continue to improve and like most European players be able to post up a defender as well as play on the perimeter.
2013 G 5'11" Lir Galanti is another kid that I just loved because of his attitude and desire to learn. He is cat quick and showed great hustle. He needs to continue to work on the skill portion of the game. he scored 7/10 on the Hot Shot Shooting Drill, so you'd better not leave him open.
2013 G 5'5" John Gramlich may be the best of the bunch at the moment in terms of his overall game. His overall court savvy, lateral quickness, vertical and ability to shoot the ball make him a very nice prospect. We'll watch him closely. Definitely adding a few inches and pounds will help.
2013 G 5'5" Christopher Murch is the best pure shooter in this 2013 class of guards. He's still a little bit one dimensional at the moment, but once he understands distribution of the ball to team amtes a little better he'll be an even bigger threat. Do not leave this guy open. He will shoot and hit it from anywhere on the floor.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2013 (Bigs)

Top Left: 2013 6'6" Dominique Woodson
Top Right: 2013 6'4" Vinay Reddy
Bottom Left: 2013 6'1" Desmond Lowe
Bottom Right: 2013 6'2" Tyler Eyre
The Class of 2013 had 4 quality Bigs in the mix, all showing nice athleticism.

2013 W 6'2" Tyler Eyre of Austin ran a 3.04 20 yard dash and hit an above average 6 in the Hot Shot Shooting drill. Needs to work on his agility but had a good understanding of getting position when he chose to go down low. Well defined 186lb body can move people around when it's time to bang.

2013 6'1" Desmond Lowe of Austin had a 20 yard time of 3.07 as well as 20.4" vertical. He showed above average post moves alnog with a great attitude as he absorbed instruction. Needs to work on his face up game.

2013 P 6'6" Dominique Woodson of Round Rock also measure out at a 6'9" wingspan. He oozes potential. Once he gets really motivated to work, the sky will be the limit. Dominique lugged his 206lb big body to a top time of 2.98 amongst the bigs. A 20 inch vertical and a 79 inch broad jump coupled with the aforemnetioned stats makes him a big time prospect. He shows some pretty polished post moves and good footwork for a young Big.

2013 P 6'4" WF Vinay Reddy was the most accomplished Big at the Combine. His wingspan was also 6'9". I really did not see a flaw in his game, other than he needs to start to put weight on his frame and get in the weight room. Reddy's huge feet and lanky frame makes me think he could end up being around 6'10". He handled the ball as well as some of the guards, shot it in a superior fashion, hitting 7 of 10 in the Hot Shot Shooting drill, had an outstanding 95" borad jump and showed tremendous hustle as well. This makes Vinay one to watch in the Class of 2013!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2014

Top Left: 2014 Joshua Delaney
Top Right: 2014 Cameron Delaney
Bottom Left: 2014 Matt Perry
Bottom Right: 2014 Aubrie King
The top performers in the Class of 2014 were all guards.
2014 G 5'8" Matt Perry of Kerrville did not lead in any of the measurable categories. However, like his older brother Jonathan who will end up being a 4 year high school player and collegian before it's all said and done, young Perry shows many of the same attributes of his elder sibling. Hard work, hustle, coachability, being an above average shooter and having an insight into how to play the game will keep Matt Perry in the hunt for high school accolades and the same potential to play in college as Texas D-1 Ambassador Jonathan Perry. Parents Mr. & Mrs. Rick Perry were college tennis players at Oklahoma State. Wrong color orange, but other than that they're a great
2014 Twins, 5'7" Joshua Delaney & 5'9" Cameron Delaney were as to be expected carbon copies of each other. It was uncanny as they both posted the top time in the Class of 2014 in the Pro Agility Shuttle with a time of 5.06. They posted an identical 79" standing broad jump (only one inch off of Class leader Aubrie King). Cameron, two inches taller than his brother had a quicker time in the 20 yard dash, while Joshua turned the tables on his brother and had a better vertical. His 21.6" vertical lead all 2014 participants.
Both Delaney boys showed a great first step and got to the hole about whenever they wanted. Both are very good shooters, once again scoring exactly the same in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill. I love both these kids, they have a tremendous upside.
2014 G 5'11" Aubrie King edged out the other kids as the top performer in the Class of 2014. From the tiny town of Milano, TX he's the son of longtime Milano HS Coach Alvie King who also played his college ball at Temple Many of you may remember him as a legendary shooter once having made 799 out of 100 free throws and 97 out of 100 three pointers in competitions. Young Aubrie looks well on his way to being a chip off the old block. He scored top marks in the standing broad jump with 80", in the Pro Agility Shuttle with a time of 3.07 and scored a 7 in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill to lead the Class of 2014.
I loved watching Aubrie's demeanor in the scrimmages. He's an assassin, showing little emotion and a calm exterior regardless of the situation. These qualities make Aubrie King one to watch in the Class of 2014!

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2015

Left: 2015 Harrison Hackney Right: 2015 Rashard Odomes

This is my 9th year looking for young talent. Seems like only yesterday, my own son was a 6th grader. So, I've seen them all (or darn near most of them) over the years when they've been youngsters. Kids like J. Mychal Reese of Bryan, and more recently 2015 Malik Ellison of New Jersey. I had the pleasure of seeing current college guards Bryan Beasley (Rice), Nic Wise (Arizona) and A.J. Abrams (Texas) when they were 6th graders. I believe we have truly found our next player who shows signs of this type of talent, at the same point in their young playing careers in 2015 G 5'7" Rashard Odomes of Copperas Cove.

I had a chance to visit briefly with Rashard, his mom and his club coach, Robert Orr of the Cobras who has done a great job in training him over the last couple of years. I believe he has the demeanor and work ethic that will not see his potential slow down over the next few years. In short, he can be as good as he wants to be.

Athletically Rashard was superior. His 2.99 time in the 20 yd dash showed his straightline quickness. He was one of only a handful of guys who broke the 3 second barrier, even amongst the 7th and 8th graders. His vertical of 24.2 was in the same category. Young Odomes topped it all off by knocking down 8 shots in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill. However, it was in the scrimmage portion of the program where you could see that along with the "superior numbers" Rashard was a step ahead of his peers and older players too. He handled the ball extremely well and had a great first step to the basket. I loved the fact that he was fearless going to the rack. I didn't see a great premium on point guard floor vision but that may have been because he could pretty do much he wanted to get his own shot. The sky's the limit for Rashard Odomes!

Likely in most any other camp or testing session 2015 G 5'6" Harrison Hackney of Austin would have been the man. Hackney showed very good athleticism and with a quick time in the Pro Agility Shuttle had upper end times in this drill which tests lateral quickness and ability to change direction. I loved his desire to get after it on defense, and thought he showed the most hustle amongst the youngsters. In addition, Harrison showed great court vision and shot the ball extremely well.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coach Olson Steps Down At Arizona!

Coach Max Ivany & Coach Lute Olson at this August's Arizona Elite Camp.

Just got off the phone with one of my players. It's confirmed, they just had a team meeting and Coach Olson is stepping down as Head Coach of the Arizona Wildcats. Reasons have not been confirmed, but my gut says it's health reasons. He is truly one of the gentlemen in this cut throat high stakes game of college basketball. He will be missed.

He was a players coach. I was priveleged to work his Elite Camp this past August. The number of former Wildcats who are pros who came and just hung out, out of respect for Coach was astounding. Mike Bibby, Sean Rooks, Saleem Stoudamire...all the guys were there. They were FAMILY.

Another friend of mine, Mike Dunlap will take over as the interim Head Coach. Much of the protocol, curriculum and testing for the All American Prodigy Camp and the Ranking Showcases was developed with the input of Coach Dunlap. He was an Assistant for the Denver Nuggets before returning to the college game this past year.

ESPN and other major media outlets beat around the bush and could not confirm this story until several hours past the time I'd posted it on our little old site here. Remember, if you want the NEWS, it's right here folks!

Also, they are reporting that the program may be in somewhat of disarray and that there may be decommitting of recruits. I assure you that this is not the case. Although it wasn't expected that Coach would step down today, the hiring of this experienced coaching staff was with the realization that Coach Olson would step down sooner than later. You heard it here that their recruiting class will be solid for the most part, ( give the credit to recruiter deluxe Assistant Coach Russ Pennell who has been an assistant at Ole Miss and Arizona State) although the top point guard in the country Abdul Gaddy could possibly wriggle off the hook. If he does there is only one other place he could end up and that's Memphis because of his relationship with former longtime Arizona Assistant, Josh Pastner.

Update: 10/27/08

Well, I was right on some stuff, wrong on other's. Coach Dunlap passed on the Head job and they installed another friend of mine, Russ Pennell as the Interim. I got to know Coach Pennell extremely well when he and I guided Texas D-1 Ambassador Garland Judkins through the recruiting maze and he was the one who offered Judkins hid scholarship through a phone call with me. He's a sincere guy and a straight shooting decent moral human being. U of A is making it tough on themselves though with this seeming instability, so the 2009 commits are now jumping ship.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Combine Performers Girls Class of 2014

The deepest Class at the Showcase for the girls was the Class of 2014. It was loaded with above average shooters.
Top Left: Meghan Glaser
Top Right: Tiffany Fowler
Middle Left: Mileena Vega
Middle Right: Saundra Guillory
Bottom left: Madison Wright
2014 G 5'3" Meghan Glaser showed good athleticism as evidenced by her 18.9" vertical. We were impressed by her all around game both offensively and defensively.
2014 W 5'2" Tiffany Fowler showed a very good understanding of the game during scrimmages. Her shooting was above average as well as she graded out at the top of 2014 in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill with 6 makes.
2014 PG 5'1" Mileena Vega made excellent decisions with the ball and understood how to get team mates the rock where they could do the most damage. She finished a hair behind the leader in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill with 5 makes.
2014 P 5'11" Saundra Guillory is an intriguing prospect. Not only was she relentless on the boards, but she did a great job of posting up, getting in position to receive the ball and turning strong to the basket. She had a knack for setting picks, being unselfish and freeing her team mates up for their shots. This is something many high school kids do not understand how to do.
2014 W 5'6" Madison Wright had the top time in the 20 yard dash in the Class of 2014 with a 3.23 clocking. Her score in the shooting drill was so so, but her performance in the scrimmages showed she is a superior shooter.She defends hard, and once she improves her ballhandling could be a big timer at the off guard position. Her Pops, Keith played his football for Joe Paterno at Penn State back in the day.