Thursday, September 30, 2010

D-1 Nation Real Talk: 2011 G 5'5 Vanessa Winston

Contributing Editor: Joseph Dean

The D1 Nation caught up with 2011 G Vanessa Winston of  Akins High School for today's segment of D-1 Nation Real Talk.

What are some of your hobbies outside of basketball?

Reading, shopping.
What’s your favorite subject at school?
What music are you listening to before a game?
Who’s your favorite NBA player from Texas?
Kevin Durant
List some goals you’ve set for this year.
Win District
Win District MVP

2011 G Vanessa Winston of Austin Akins 

What’s the most memorable moment in your high school career?
Waking up late for a tournament game and coach letting me
know about it
What’s been your best “Sports Center” moment?
Koby doing a step back move and knocking it down
What college or WNBA player do you model your game after?
Renee Montgomery
Who are the top 5 colleges recruiting you the hardest?
South Western University
Dartmouth University
If you won a $1,000,000 what would you do with it?
Find something profitable to invest it in
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Teaching Spanish

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Contributing Editor: Joseph Dean

With the season right around the corner, things are really heating up in Fall league play. D-1 Nation was on hand this week to check out some key match ups & players in the Pville Fall league. I had a chance to catch District 25-5A power house Pflugerville High Match up against 4A power house LBJ.

Pflugerville High School Lady Panthers
This game had a playoff atmosphere as the stands was packed to capacity to see some of the top talent around the area. 2011 P 6'1 Nneka Enemkpali continues to be a beast around the basket. The 6'1 Senior lead Pflugerville to the state tourney in 2009, and she be a huge factor for the panthers this season. Nneka is being highly recruit by several D-1 schools including the University of Texas.

2012 G 5'6 Jasmyn Booker
Pflugerville High School
Jasmyn is a nice smooth point guard with a high basketball IQ. The 5'6 PG has great handles with the ability to get to the rim. Jasmyn has great range on her shot and will be a nice impact player for the Panther this season.  

2011 W 5'10 Tierany Henderson (Left)
2011 F 5'11 De' Mesheon Hyder (Right)
2011 W 5'10 Tierany Henderson is a great slasher with solid skill. The 5'10 junior has nice size and should be a huge impact for the Jags this season. Henderson has solid handles with a nice mid range shot. Look for Henderson to be a tough match up this season in district

2011 P 5'11 Dy' Mesheon Hyder will be a big part of the Panthers success this season.
De' Mesheon  has a powerful presence in the post very  physical, but mobile post player that coaches love. Good to great low post scorer and physical rebounder. Good shooter and is developing her range. She is good at holding her position on defense. Wide body that can run the court.

Dy' Mesheon pictured here with the D-1 Ambassadors Austin Elite
Player Watch
2013 W 5'11 Diana Omozee
2013 W 5'11 Diana Omozee has nice size with great athleticism. The true sophomore works very hard defensively, and has nice footwork around the basket. Diana has nice ball handling, & passing skills. Diana will suit up with the  JV team this season and will do great things. Look for Diana to be a nice prospect in the class of 2013. College Coaches Alert!


Texas Super Showcase Sweet 16: Sunday, October 3rd @ Concordia University

The 2nd Annual D1 Nation Texas Super Showcase Sweet 16 will be held this Sunday, October 3rd at Concordia University in Austin, TX. 

With a few exceptions, these are some of the top talent laden squads in the Austin/San Antonio area this coming 2010-2011 season.  Some of the top performers in no particular order will be:

2012 G Santiago Parades of Austin Waldorf 
2011  All State F 6'5" Brooks Pawsat & 2011 F 6'7" Austin Jenkins of  Austin Hyde Park
2012 PG Michael Hardge of Georgetown
2011 G Deon Mitchell of Pflugerville (Northern Iowa)
2011 P 6'9" Shane Minnick of Marble Falls
2013 P 6'6" Drew Wikelius, PG Will Morse & 2012 SG R.J. Rowan of Austin Westlake
2011 P 6'7" Malcolm McDonald of Killeen Shoemaker
2012 G Marcel Pimpton of Pflugerville Connally
2011 W Jaleel Williams of Killeen Ellison
2013 PG John Azzinarro of San Antonio Brennan
2012 G J. Mychal Reese & 2013 G Travon Landry of Bryan
2011 G Jake Kocher & 2011 W Adam Whitlock of Austin St. Michael's
2011 G Tre Demps of San Antonio Reagan (Northwestern)
2011 G Eric McClellan, 2011 G Alex Reinking & 2013 W Patrick Strake of Austin High
2011 W 6'5" Jaleel Williams & 2011 G Devonta Brown of Killeen Ellison
2012 W 6'5" Allex Austin & 2012 G G Collin Hart of San Marcos
2011 PG Tre Demps & 2011 WG Max Yon of San Antonio Reagan
2011 G Eric McClellan of Austin High
2011 PG Deon Mitchell, 2012 W 6'4" Jamal Shabazz, 2013 PG T.J. Williams & 2011 W Cameron Blue of Pflugerville
2011 G Yolonzo Moore, 2011 G Malcolm Canada, & 2013 W Lionel Hollins of Austin Akins

Who knows what other bright, young stars will burst onto the scene at this year's Super Showcase. Admission is $7 for the day, for all games.  College and high school coach's passes will be honored.
 Court 1

9AM Austin Waldorf (TAPPS) v D1 Ambassadors
10:10AM Georgetown (16-5A) v Marble Falls (25-4A)
11:20AM Austin Westlake (15-5A) v Killeen Shoemaker (12-5A)
12:30PM Pflugerville Connally (16-4A) v San Antonio Brennan (28-4A)
1:40PM Georgetown (16-5A) v D1 Ambassadors
2:50 PM Bryan (12-5A) v Austin Westlake (15-5A)
4PM San Antonio Brennan (28-4A) v Austin Waldorf (TAPPS)
5:10PM Killeen Shoemaker (12-5A) v Pflugerville Connally (16-4A)

                                              Court 2

9AM Austin St. Michael’s (TAPPS) v Austin High (15-5A)
10:10AM Killeen Ellison (12-5A) v San Marcos (25-5A)
11:20AM San Antonio Reagan (26-5A) v Bryan (12-5A)
12:30PM Austin High (15-5A) v San Marcos (25-5A)
1:40PM Pflugerville (16-5A) v Austin St. Michael's (TAPPS)
2:50 PM Killeen Ellison (12-5A) v Austin Akins (15-5A)
4PM San Antonio Reagan (26-5A) v Pflugerville (16-5A)
5:10PM Austin Akins (15-5A) v Marble Falls (25-4A)

2nd Generation D1 Ambassador Julian Ivany Enters The World

Most of you know the background of the D1 Ambassadors organization.  Please indulge me, today. The original D1 Ambassador, my son Chip Ivany & his beautiful fiancee' Miss Judy Jones have given me the most wonderful gift. Welcome my second grandson to the world, Julian Cordell Ivany born in San Antonio, TX at Methodist Hospital.

He came into this world at 2:09AM on September 27th.  Weighing in at 9lbs 4ozs & 21 inches long, we thank God he is in perfect health...and he is one good looking dude! :-)

 Julian Ivany, chilling and pondering his college offers
I think we've got a future big baller on our hands.  Daddy Chip Ivany, shown below with South Alabama was part of the Jaguars 2008 NCAA Tournament team & scored 1500 points in his high school career at Taylor & Pflugerville Connally. 

Mama Judy Jones was a freshman at Texas-San Antonio last year.  As a true freshman, she recorded game highs of 26 points (Sam Houston), 13 rebounds (Rice), 7 assists (Lamar) & 5 steals (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi).  In short she terrorized the Southland Conference before suffering ligament damage in her foot late in the season.

In addition, while at Monroe Wossman (LA) she was the Louisiana State runner up in the 200 meters and long jump. As a senior she captured the State Championship in the high jump and was the FOUR time State 400 mete champion from her freshman to senior year.

I like Julian's chances.  Anyway, thanks for indulging me and thank you for all the congratulations to our family that we have received.

Del Valle's Karim York Commits To Santa Clara

Congratulations to Del Valle's Karim York & his Family.  Karimm committed to play for Santa Clara in the West Coast Conference.  The 2011 versatile 3/4 man is close to 6'8".  He's skilled enough to punish bigger defenders if they attempt to guard him on the perimeter or can score with nifty post moves and touch down low when confronted with a bigger defender.  York reminds me in many ways of former Del Valle & New Mexico star A.J. Hardeman.  This includes his athleticism and ability to block and alter shots with their long frames.
2011 Karim York of Del Valle (shown below with the Texas D1 Ambassadors)

I had the privelege to coach York at the Minnesota Pump N Run Tournament, held this past July in Minneapolis. In addition to his basketball skills I was struck by him being a nice kid who also had focus on his academics.  SMU, Texas Tech, & Northeastern were just some of the many schools recruiting York.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

D1 Nation Real Talk: 2011 G Deron Belford of Kerrville Tivy (Texas State)

The D1 Nation caught up with Kerrville Tivy floor general and Texas State commit, 2011 PG Deron Belford for today's segment of D1 Nation Real Talk.

What are your hobbie ouside of basketball?
Football video games

What's your favorite subject in school?
What music do you listen to before a game?
Who's your favorite NBA player from Texas?
Deron Williams
List some goals you've set for this year.
District MVP, & back to regionals for 3rd time
What's the most memorable moment in your high school career?
Regionals as a sophomore
What's your "Sports Center" highlight?
Got a steal and made a layup to win the game
2011 G Deron Belford of Kerrville Tivy
What college or NBA player do you model your game after?
Allen Iverson
Which colleges are recruiting you hardest?
I have committed to Texas State
Who are the 6 best players in the Cen Tex area?
KK York, Devonte Brown, Me, Jalen Washington, Deon Mitchell, Jordan Roach
What would you do if you won a $1,000,000?
Buy a basketball court
What do you see yourself doing in 5 year?
Playing ball over seas

Friday, September 24, 2010

D1 Nation Coaches Corner: Coach Garrett Grief of Austin St. Michael's

This is the first installment of our D1 Nation Coaches Corner in the Austin/San Antonio area.  We've been paying tribute to the players in the area for a long time, but what about the men & women who lead them? Meet Garrett Grief of Austin St. Michael's
Garrett Grief, coaching 'em up at St. Michael's
1. What is your high school & college alma mater?
St. Michaels Academy in Austin and I am currently in college.
2. How long have you been coaching high school basketball?
I have been coaching select basketball for three years and coaching at St. Michaels for two.
3. Who inspired you to get into coaching?
I was very fortunate to play for a number of great coaches including Coach Eddie Oran (Texas), my father Gary Grief, & Coach Mackey Smith, who is currently my boss and mentor at St. Michaels. All three of those coaches had a very large impact on my life as a person, and a coach.
4. What is your favorite food?
I will eat anything but I love Chinese food and a good Italian dish.
5. What opponents will be your toughest games this year?
For school basketball, San Antonio Central Catholic is always tough. We will also be playing in a Lake Travis tournament and I am sure we will face some tough teams there as well. For select basketball, playing the other D1 Ambassador teams are always very competetive games.
6. What is the most difficult part of being a high school coach?
The difficult parts are also the most rewarding. Helping young men become better basketball players, while also helping them be successful off the court can be hard at times, but it is why I coach.
7. Who is your favorite college coach?
Bobby Knight.
8. Give your definition of a good coach.
My definition of a good coach is someone that can get the most out of his/her players. Also, one that is good at what he/she teaches. It is not necessarilly what type of scheme or game plan that wins games, but how well a coach can teach it.
9. If you weren’t a coach, what would you be?
I have always wanted to ranch and have a cattle business.
10. What music do you listen to before a game?
300 Violin Orchestra.
11. Who is the best player(s) you’ve ever coached?
Jake Kocher at St. Michaels is the best player I have ever coached. Offensively, there is nothing he cannot do. As a junior, he was the leading scorer in Central Texas and I expect great things for him in the future.
12. What are your goals for this season?
For school basketball, a State Championship is a realistic goal for our varsity team. As far as our subvarsity teams, I expect to win district for the second year in a row. For select basketball, with the Texas D1 Ambassadors I want the players I coach to improve on their game, because that is really what select basketball is all about.

I've known Coach Grief & his Family since his middle school days, when he'd play in our summer tournaments. He was a thinking man's player & he's one of the new breed of high school coaches who not only embraces quality club basketball programs, but he even gets involved too.  One of the things I pledged as the D1 Nation has grown is that we have quality coaches at all levels of our summer program.  We're happy to have Coach Grief on board. He's a classy young coach.  I enjoy watching him mold young men at the school and club levels.-Coach Max Ivany

2014 6'1"SG Trey Dilworth of Round Rock McNeil

2014 SG Trey Dilworth of Round Rock McNeil is on track to be the next great guard out of Austin, TX.  I had a chance to catch him several times this summer against middle schoolers and was impressed enough with him to issue an invitation to him for John Lucas' Middle School Camp in Houston.  He did a stellar job at that high level event.

2014 Trey Dilworth of Round Rock McNeil
Dilworth has all the tools to be mentioned in the same breath as C.J. Jerrells (Baylor/NBA), Bryan Beasley (Rice), Cody Doolin (San Francisco), Deon Mitchell (Northern Iowa) & of course fellow Round Rock McNeil alum A.J. Abrams (Texas/Italy).

Dilworth has a great basketball body, coupled with explosiveness, ability to finish at the rim, a willingness to defend and also to shoot from deep.  The sky's the limit for this talented frosh.  He's a D1 Nation Diamond in the Rough.  College coaches alert!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

D1 Nation Real Talk: 2011 P David Weathers of Austin LBJ

I had a chance to catch up with 2011 P David Weathers of Austin LBJ for some D1 Nation Real Talk last night as I was watching a few fall league games at LBJ high school.

What's your hobby outside of basketball?
What's your favorite subject at school?
What music are you listening to before a game?
Who's your favorite NBA player from Texas?
T.J. Ford
Below: Weathers wins the dunk contest at last spring's All American Prodigy Camp
List some goals you've set this year.
To make all A's in school
What's been your best "Sports Center" moment?
Winning the dunk contest at the All American Prodigy Camp
What college or NBA player do you model your game after?
LeBron James
If you won a $1,000,000 what would you do with it?
Get a home in Los Angeles
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
In college

As you can see from the interview above, Weathers is a man of few words.  He's only been playing basketball a few years so he's still learning the game.  He's a late bloomer who will play a big part as Austin LBJ looks to continue their long string of district championships. David has superior explosiveness. He can and WILL dunk on anybody!-Coach Max Ivany

Sunday, September 19, 2010

D-1 Nation Real Talk: 2011 F 5'10 Danielle Lofton of Austin Akins

I had a chance to catch up with 2011 F 5'10 Danielle Lofton of Austin Akins High School. Danielle was so gracious to share a few thoughts with me in a brief interview.
2012 F 5'10 Danielle Lofton

What are some of your hobbies outside of basketball?
I love to write
What’s your favorite subject at school?
Who’s your favorite NBA player from Texas?
Kevin Durant
List some goals you’ve set for this year.
Wining District
What’s the most memorable moment in your high school career?
Waking up late for a tournament game and coach letting me know about it.
What college or WNBA player do you model your game after?
Candace Parker
Who are the top 5 colleges recruiting you the hardest?
Mary Hardin Baylor- University of North Texas
If you won a $1,000,000 what would you do with it?
Make some smart investments
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Continuing to further my education, and becoming a Physical Therapist

Danielle pictured here with the D-1 Ambassadors Austin Elite group this summer
Danielle has nice footwork around the basket, and continues to be a monster on the boards. Danielle will be a huge impact player for Coach Jane Martin and her Lady Eagles this upcoming season.
Good luck this season.

2013 Carly Truesdale of San Antonio Churchill

2013 G 5'10 Carly Truesdale
San Antonio Churchill High School (TX)
2013 G 5'10 Carly Truesdale is a high quality player that  competes on a very high level. I had a chance to watch Carly play a couple of times over the summer, and she continues to impress. With her size and ability to handle the basketball she becomes a tough match up for most defenders. Carly has excellent ball handling, passing, and shooting skills with great moves to take you off the bounce. Truesdale averaged right at 11 PPG last season, and had a six games in a row with 20+. The first team All District freshman help San Antonio Churchill to a 21-14 season,  taking third place in District 26-5A. With 2011 G Jordan Holub and Truesdale in the backcourt, look for Churchill to do big things this upcoming season.

D-1 recruiters are already on the hunt for young talent.  In addition to being one of the Lone Star State's brightest 2013 stars, Carly has the upside to emerge as a high major national prospect in the class of 2013.

Below: 2011 G Jordan Holub
San Antonio Churchill High School (TX)
Going Strong To The Cup
Contributing Editor: Joseph Dean

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Contributing Editor: Joseph Dean

The Cen-Tex Starrz Fall league tipped off today out at Akins High School. This has to be one of the best leagues in the area with over 30 teams competing each year. D-1 Nation was in the house today and saw some really good games & loads of talent. 

 Teams Competing In Varsity Girls Division

1. Akins                               8. Lehman

2. Ambassadors                  9. San Marcos
3. Austin                              10. St. Michael's (SMCA)
4. Bowie                              11. Travis
5. Crockett                          12. Wildcats
6. Hays                                13. Westlake
7. LBJ                                 14. Wimberley

The Texas D1 Ambassadors-Team 2014 tipped off the first game of the league against Hays High School. The young group of 8th/9th graders set the bar, as they took Hays down to the last shot. Down 2 with 4 seconds left in the game Team, 2014 got off a good shot but came up short. Team 2014 has been recognized as one of the most competitive teams in the Cen-Tex area, and around the state.
Texas D-1 Ambassadors 2014
Hays Lady Rebels
D-1 Ambassadors talking it over
LBJ looked really good as they beat a young Westlake team by 20. I had a chance to visit with LBJ Head Coach Renee' Brown today. Coach Brown is very excited about the team this year & believe they will do great things as the 2011 season approaches. With the duo of 2012 W 5'10 Alexis Hyder & 2011 W 5'10 Morgan Simmons,  LBJ will be a tough match up throughout the league. Another key piece for the Jags this year is 2011 W 5'10 Tierany Henderson. Tyranny has great size & length & will be a huge asset for Coach Brown and the Jags this upcoming season.  
 LBJ Jaguars
2011 W 5'10 Morgan Simmons (Left)
2012 W 5'10 Alexis Hyder (Right)
Akins played really well today. The Eagles will be a tough match up also, as they have one of the top guards in the area. 2011 G 5'5 Vanessa Winston can get it done. Vanessa has excellent ball handling skills with the ability to get to the basket. Winston has excellent court vision and great range on her shot. Look for Vannessa to be a dominant force this season. 
Akins Eagles
2011 G 5'5 Vanessa Winston
Vanessa Winston, pictured below with the Texas D-1 Ambassadors

Austin High VS Bowie
Austin High Wins!
Wimberley High School
Played well to come out on top against Crockett
2011 G 5'5 Tashanique Jones
LBJ High School
Smooth point guard with great athleticism. Jones has great handles & don't mind attacking the basket. The junior guard will run the point again for LBJ this year and will be a huge asset to their success. Tashanique will suit up with the D-1 Ambassadors when they head to Frisco Texas in a few weeks for the Premier Basketball Showcase Event.
Lehman High School talking it over
Coach Deans Week 2 Predictions/Schools highlighted in red are winners next week.
Girls Varsity

 1PM Lehman VS SMCA
 2PM Wildcats VS Crockett
 3PM Akins VS Austin
 4PM Travis VS Wimberley
 5PM LBJ VS San Marcos
 6PM Bowie VS Ambassadors
 7PM Hays VS Westlake


Joseph Dean
Texas D1 Ambassadors
Program Director Girls Basketball

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All American Prodigy Camp: Austin, TX October 2nd, 2010

***Are you on the radar?  Anybody's radar?  If not, then make plans to attend Max Ivany's All American Prodigy Camp being held in Austin on October 2nd, 2010.  The location is Concordia University's beautiful new campus located at 11400 Concordia University Drive  Austin, TX***

The camp will include combine measurements, skill stations, instruction by high level coaches, and evaluation/exposure.

Tuition is $149 and includes a dri fit jersey and awards ceremony.

You can register online at

Grades 6-12th.  Only 100 paid players accepted.

Contact: or 512-791-5455 for additional info.

Check In 8:30am- Camp Ends 6pm