Sunday, April 5, 2009

R.I.P. Danny Steele (1957-2009)

Thanks to all of you for your support last week, as I came to grips with the loss of a dear friend. Forgive me for neglecting my blog during this past week.

All to soon at the age of 51, My Lord Jesus Christ called my friend Danny Steele home. A rare guy who lived by a 'Code' of fairness, decency, integrity & respect that is rarely found today. He always found a way to make others laugh and was a great friend to my son and me.
He'll be missed by many as his funeral procession showed. Acknowledged as one of the best in the business of restoring vintage automobiles his fellow members of the San Antonio Gear Grinders Auto Club led the hearse to his final resting place behind close to 100 of the beautiful projects he had helped restore. It was quite a sight and tribute. He was buried in San Antonio this Thursday where he received a full military burial...Coach Max