Friday, April 10, 2009

Texas D-1 Ambassadors 98 Belmont Shores Silver 71

This afternoon's game was not a case of one team being terrible and the other good. Rather, it was a case of one being deep, relentless on the boards, playing hard nosed man to man defense and knocking down shots. The Texas D-1 Ambassadors simply wore their opponents out. The team is really jelling and is unslefish. Case in point is San Antonio area scoring leader (26PPG) 2010 Paul Garnica dropped dime after dime to his team mates, not opting to look for his own shot and being a key player in the rout over a solid opponent. The game was fairly close at the half, and then the boys went on a mission.

We've had some outstanding kids over the years and some pretty good teams but I've never been so proud to go to war with anyone since my son's team in the Class of 2006 as I am with these guys who are predomiantly 2010's.

Here is a list of the scorers:

Brian Williams 15
D.J. Stephens 13
Cody Doolin 12
Daniel Alexander 11
R.J. McGhee 11
Tre Demps 9
Tre Drye 8
Conner Kemper 8
Jake Kocher 7
Jonathan Perry 4

We take on Branch West Prep (California) tonight at 7:30PM Las Vegas time.