Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crush Elite Main Event Tournament Birmingham, Alabama

2010 PG 6'2" Cody Doolin is quickly moving from a mid major prospect to a high major.
We landed in Birmingham, Alabama early this morning to participate in the Crush Elite/ Tournament. Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was in Dallas, TX as we awaited our connecting flight. Two hundred US Army service men entered the terminal as they returned from Iraq/Afghanistan. Unlike the disdain with which soldiers endured returning from the Vietnam War, these young men and women were treated to a rousing standing ovation which lasted more than ten minutes as we paid our respects to their service to their country and our freedom. It gave me goose bumps.

Texas D-1 Ambassadors 79 Louisiana Future 73

Our first game after the flight was a battle. The Louisiana Future are a tough, hardnosed group. They won the Pearland Classic in Houston a few weeks back. We uncharacteristically shot the ball poorly only hitting two 3 pointers. Our legs were heavy and we got outrebounded but came away with the win. Two players keyed it. 2010 PG Cody Doolin of Austin Westlake, TX hit several key baskets including a deep three during a two minute span and 2009 William Nelson of Acadiana Prep in Opelousas, LA was relentless as he led the D-1 Ambassadors with 27 points. 2011 G Jake Kocher continues to emerge as a top prospect in the class as he scored with an assortment of shots.

William Nelson 27
Jake Kocher 16
Cody Doolin 13
D.J. Stephens 12
Paul Garnica 4
Conner Kemper 4
Cleveland Smith 3