Sunday, June 14, 2009

Texas D-1 Ambassadors 75 San Antonio Ro Hawks 70

It's rare that the Texas D-1 Ambassadors play in Central Texas. We typically only play the RCS Ice Breaker in Houston to kick off the season and occasionally taking part in Mike Kunstadt's Denton Shootout but it's even rarer to play in the Austin-San Antonio area. It's a mixed bag. It's nice because the kids get to show what they can do in front of their extended family and local fans who read the reports and hear the hype on ESPN and such national sites as

The other side of the coin is that every local team comes out playing their best with hopes of knocking the Texas D-1 Ambassadors off and building some kind of reputation or bragging rights from the result of one game. Because our team is so spread out geographically, it's actually easier for me to round them up, put them on an airplane and sequester the crew for the entire weekend than it is to ask guys to drive in and show up for games that are somewhat local for them.

So, we come to the USSSA Texas State Championships in Austin this weekend missing missing two players who are attending the Nike Jamboree Camp in St. Louis, and our Louisiana guys who bring so much energy and athleticism back home resting in the Bayou. Being 5 players short gives several of our young sophomores a great chance to step up, increase their playing time & become leaders in their own right.

Being way short handed this weekend we knew the San Antonio Ro Hawks would be a tough test for all the resons above plus they've got several Division One prospects of their own who can get after it as well. 2010 G Jordan Clarkson of the Ro Hawks and 2010 G Cody Doolin of the D-1 Ambassadors battled all day, before they both got on a plane together last night to head to the University of San Francisco Elite Camp. Former Kansas PG and Head Coach Rex Walters loves both these kids.

Also for the Ro Hawks 2011 P 6'7" Raymond Chase shows a lot of potential to play at the next level as does 2009 P 6'5" Pier Gordon & 2010 W 6'7" Andre Roberson who has a nice perimeter, shot. Once he continues to add to his skill set he should undoubtedly earn a scholarship in the next year as well.

The Ro Hawks jumped out to a 12 point lead behind the shooting of Clarkson who had four first half triples and led 39-31 at the half. The game was called extremely tight with both teams in constant foul trouble. The game had little flow to it because of that. Gordon was the most consistent Ro hawk presenting a tough matchup down low and finishing with 20 points.

The D-1 Ambassadors guard tandem of Cody Doolin and 201o Paul garnica kept pouring it on in the 2nd half as the D-1 Ambassadors took the win 75-70. Doolin also had 20 points to lead the Ambassadors.


San Antonio Ro Hawks

Pier Gordon 20
Jordan Clarkson 19
Jordan Jones 8
Andre Roberson 8

Texas D-1 Ambassadors

Cody Doolin 20
Paul Garnica 11
Daniel Alexander 11
D.J. Stephens 9