Friday, June 12, 2009

Tulsa Titans 69 Texas D-1 Ambassadors 67

The Manhattan Classic ended prematurely for us this morning agains the Tulsa Titans as we fell 69-67. Hats off to them as they played a very good game and we came out flat. However, we came out and played well enough to fact, amazingly enough the scorer's table (which is the official record) showed us winning the game by 2 points (71-69). The referee inexplicably chose to change the score with less than a minute left to play, despite the scorer's table being in disagreement...go figure.

Conner Kemper 18
Cody Doolin 16
Daniel Alexander 11
R.J. McGhee 9
Mark Nwakamma 7
Shavon Coleman 6
Matt Derenbecker 3
Jonathan Perry 1