Friday, July 10, 2009

Atlantic Slam I Myrtle Beach, SC

The Texas D-1 Ambassadors head to one of East Coast's most beautiful beaches (one we'll never see because we'll be in the gym) for my old buddy Jeff Schneider's Atlantic Slam I Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC. Schneider formerly played at Virginia Tech, and was a D-1 coach for about 15 years so he's cultivated countless college and NBA coach's relationships. In the first day of the two day event there were 130 college programs represented at Socastee HS where all the big boys were playing.

We've got 3 teams from our organization in attendance; Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Ivany, Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Houston & Texas D-1 Ambassadors-McMullen. Our showing at the tournament was as follows:

Texas D-1 Ambassadors-McMullen 3-1

Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Houston go 2-2

Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Ivany 83 Dillon Intimidators (SC) 78

We went 11 deep on our bench (as we most always do) to outlast a tough, athletic bunch from the South Carolina Coastal area. At one point we had an 18 point lead with 6 minutes to play but somehow betwen mediocre ballandling and poor coaching the game was tied with 58 seconds left. The kids pulled together though and scored the last 5 points of the game. A key and one bucket by 2010 G San Antonio Lee's Paul Garnica and a huge offensive rebound by 2011 Tre Drye of Baton Rouge Glen Oaks sealed the deal in the last seconds of the game.


William Nelson 10
Brian Williams 10
Jonathan Perry 9
Jake Kocher 9
Tre Demps 9
Tre Drye 8
Cody Doolin 7
Paul Garnica 7
Mark Nwakamma 6
Conner Kemper 4
D.J. Stepehens 4

Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Ivany 68 Team Vision (NC) 40

Earlier in the day Team Vision had beaten a very good team with two ACC commits, including a 6'9" P headed to Clemson so we were not about to take them lightly. We came out on fire with 2010 Cody Doolin setting the tone early by alternately getting to the hole and creating for his team mates. Our smothering, trapping defense and depth caused the game to be a rout.


Mark Nwakamma 11
Cody Doolin 10
Conner Kemper 9
Paul Garnica 6
D.J. Stephens 6
Brian Williams 6
Tre Demps 5
Jonathan Perry 5
William Nelson 4
Tre Drye 4

Jake Kocher 2

Texas D-1 Ambassaors 77- Roanoke Pacers (VA) 62
Texas D-1 Ambassadors 70 Florida Elite 67 (Semi Final)
Team Takeover (DC) 92 Texas D-1 Ambassadors 89