Monday, October 5, 2009

All American Prodigy Camp/High Academic Camp Player Evaluations Class of 2014

Above #28: 2014 P 5'11" Chad Ronk of Round Rock, TX looks like he'll continue to grow. He's got a 72" wingspan and a baby face but he is a hard worker. Has good fundamentals that will really take hold once he grows into his body. The lack of power and explosiveness at the moment will come as he matures and keeps working on his game.

Above #44: Back in the 90's there was a player at the University of Arkansas named Scotty Thurman, from Ruston, LA. His catchy nickname because of his deadeye shooting was the "Ruston Rifle". I want to be the first to call 2014 G 6'2" Aubrie King of Milano (he attends school at Mumford, TX where his dad is the high school coach) the "Mumford Musket". Not only can the lefty shoot it from anywhere on the floor, but at 6'2" already in the 8th grade he has the fundamentals instilled in him that only a coach's son would have. His pops, Alvie King was a legendary shooter, but with Aubrie already surpassing his dad by a couple of inches has all the potential in the world to go on and do GREAT things on the basketball court. Look for him to have a great high school career beginning in 2010. Coupled with a core GPA of 97% and a wingspan of 72", anything is possible.

Sarai Rodriquez did a phenomenal job at the Prodigy Camp. She has excellent ball handling skills with a great perimeter game. She dominated the 1 on 1 session of the camp by winning 11 straight games. Sarai will suit up with the Texas Ambassadors 2014 this up upcoming season.

2014 Tiffany Fowler has developed into an excellent all around player. She really showed her toughness at the camp along with great skills. Her ball handling has improved a lot over the last year and her perimeter game is outstanding.

#0 Ty Racca a 5'3" Guard with a 60" reach from Lake Travis, TX missed a portion of camp so we didn't get a long look at him. Although he's undersized at the moment he showed solid handles and once he begins to grow should gain more confidence in his game. Hard worker.

2014 P Sarah Nielsen is showing improvement in all areas. Her game around the basket has been very aggressive and her shooting skills are starting to pick up. Sarah is a 6ft 1in 8th grader with a load of potential. She has stepped up her defensive efforts by moving her feet a lot quicker along with an excellent rebounding work ethic.

#24 Ross Newman, a 2014 W 6'0" from Austin, TX has a vast potential. Once he decides he wants to play and really work on his game then the sky is the limit. He has a long, lanky frame with a 74" reach. Once he couples aggressiveness with a soft shot he'll show dramatic improvement.

Meghan Glaser a 2014 G continues to improve as well. Megan has great potential and works very hard on her game. She has good ball handling skills with a nice perimeter game. Megan is quickly dveloping into an all around triple threat player.