Thursday, December 16, 2010

Middle School South Zone Championships

Contributing Editor:
Joseph Dean

After leaving Del Valle for the signing of Postell, Mc Elveen, and Green I had a chance to catch some middle school basketball. Murchison 7th grade girls went up against Bailey 7th grade. This was a very exciting game as it went into double overtime. Both teams came into this game undefeated, and was looking to leave undefeated with the championship trophy.

Bailey 7th Grade Lady Bears

Murchison Middle School 7th Grade Lady Matadors

My player of the game 2016 G 5'2 Jory Henderson of Murchison. The young 7th grader is continuing to develop her skills, and should turn out to be a pretty good player. Henderson really impressed me when getting fouled with seconds left in the game with her team down 2. Henderson went to the stripe and knocked down both shots to tie the game. The young 7th grader had no fear when she stepped to the line. Bailey ended up winning in double overtime.

2016 W 5'10 Kianna Ray of Bailey notched 13 in the victory.

(L) Jory Henderson  (R) Kianna Ray
Murchison 8th grade 41 Bailey 8th grade 31
Bailey had no answer for 2015 G 5'7 Kennedy Harris. Harris dropped 21 on the bears and had a ton of rebounds. Kennedy has great ball handling , passing, and shooting skills with a very hard work ethic. Kennedy should be a varsity player next year as she heads to Anderson High School. College coaches should definitely keep there eye on this one as I feel she will be a major prospect in the class of 2015.

Murchison 8th Grade Lady Matadors

Kennedy Harris Game MVP

2015 G 5'6 Desiree Lampkin of Bailey Middle School lead the way for the Bears. Desiree has really elevated her game over the last year. She really demonstrated how effective her game is at the PG spot. Desiree has excellent handles, passing, and shooting skills with the ability to attack the rim. Desiree will be varsity player for Bowie next year and should do good things. Desiree will also be a next level player so coaches should keep their eyes on her. 

Bailey 8th Grade Lady Bears

Desiree Lampkin Team MVP

Both girls are teammates over the summer with the  D-1 Ambassadors 2014 Elite. This is also the first battle of many as Anderson & Bowie are in the same district.

Pictured here with the D-1 Ambassadors