Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dave Hahn To Texas State

With all the hustle and bustle of the high school season upon us, I neglected to report that several days back that Texas D-1 Ambassador David Hahn has signed with Texas State University. As reported back in my report on August 17th, the 7 footer from Austin, TX by way of Mississippi was headed to Kimball Union Prep in New Hampshire for a year of fine tuning.

I was not able to catch up with Dave, but his Pops, Rick and I chatted about the commitment. They were excited about David being able to play close to home (about 30 minutes from the house). Big Dave liked the Texas State School of Business and of great importance he bonded with the staff. He particularly became comfortable with Assistant Eric Brand who spent part of this past summer as a Texas D-1 Ambassadors coach, prior to accepting the job under Coach Davalos at Texas State.

Congratulations to The Hahn Family.

Coach Max & Chip

P.S. This brings the number of early signeees in the Austin-San Antonio are to a baker's dozen. 13!