Saturday, November 21, 2009

Houston Bellaire 50 Austin Westlake 47

Rick Barnes had gotten himself ANOTHER good one. 2011 G Sheldon McClellan, a Texas commit was the difference as he scored 23 to lead Bellaire to the Championship. He was my Championship Game MVP. McClellan slashed to the goal any time he wanted. If not for 2010 P 6'9" Gus Leeper guarding the goal, he would have dropped 35. Once Leeper was in foul trouble, McClellan really hurt Westlake. One final timeout and a chance at a game tieing 3 pointer. (#33 Conner Kemper) listens to Coach Ellis during the TO.
Below: Bellaire's 6'8" Toby Oyedeji (Texas A&M) was the Tournament MVP at the McDonald's Invitational
It's been a long 3 days and lots of basketball and now we're down to two teams in the Gold Division One Championship of the McDOnald's Invitational Tournament being held in Pasadena, TX. If the game were played on paper, then the championship would be handed to Bellaire in advance.'s not! Austin Westlake has talent of their own, and a couple of Division One signees. Here comes the tip off.

After 3 minutes of play it's tied at 2-2. Both teams have had a few ragged possessions and the Big Uns: Bellaire's Toby Oyedeji (Texas A&M) and Westlake's Gus Leeper (Arkansas-Little Rock) have a couple of blocks a piece. The first "ooo-ahhh" of the game was garnered by Westlake's Cody Doolin who split three defenders and laid it up in traffic for the deuce. Doolin follows with a LONG triple and the Chaps are up 9-7 with 2:18 to play in the first. Big three pointer by Conner Kemper forces a Bellaire timeout. Westlake 12-7. Gus Leeper has 5 blocks in the quarter.

At the beginning of the 2nd, Carl Meyertons picks up his 2nd foul, and 2012 Drew Wikelius gets thrown into the fire. The score is tied at 15. Leeper has also picked up his 2nd foul for Westlake. Sheldon McClellan (Texas) has scored several transition buckets to lead Bellaire with 9. Bellaire has called 3 TO's already! With 4:25 left in the half Bellaire leads 18-17 on a Jamel Outler (Texas Tech) layup. Big dunk by Kene Anyigbo (Western Kentucky). He gets a tech for swinging on the rim. Bellaire is really making Doolin work, double teaming him on every possession, the length of the court. Doolin makes a great And 1 with a player draped all over him. Westlake 24-22 with 2:00 left. Doolin adds two more FT's. It's a heck of a HS game, folks!

At the half, Cody Doolin (San Francsico has 11 and Sheldon McClellan (Texas) has 12. Bellaire is doing a good job of making Doolin work hard. However, once they got in the bonus he made them pay at the charity stripe. Big Gus Leeper has to stay out of foul trouble. Big Toby was held scoreless in the half. How often does that happen? Westlake is doing a great job of doubling down on him as soon as he touches the ball.

Bellaire's 2010 PG Sebastian Douglass has a nice And 1 to start the half. Right now Sheldon McClellan is killing Westlake. He picked up his 3rd foul and then Leeper picked up his 4th. This makes things tough on Westlake on the boards. Bellaire leads 32-27 with 6:00 left in the 3rd quarter. There's Oyedeji's first points of the game, a rim rattler! Big Kene Anyigbo has picked up his 4th foul for Bellaire. Boom..Sebastian Douglass has picked up his 4th. Depth will decide this game. Who will step up? Conner Kemper who was ice cold hits a big triple and the score is 38-34 Bellaire at the end of 3Q's

Oyedji opens the half with a baby hook, but quickly picks up his 3rd foul. This is a spirited game. Meyertons answers with 2 FT's. McClellan gets another And 1 with Hagen Fell draped all over him. He's been the difference thus far. Kemper hits 1-2 FT's. Bellaire 43-37 with 6:30 left. Hagen Fell for 3! Big hook shot by Leeper. 44-42 Bellaire and Westlake is now shooting the 1 and 1. Big three by Kemper. Westlake 45-44 with 3:12 left. McClellan is on the line. He makes them both. This was worth the ride hone at 2AM from Houston....Wow. Doolin scraps for a loose ball on the floor and get s a TO. Bellaire has the ball off a Westlake miss. They spread the floor and burn about 20 seconds before Coach Bruce Glover calls a TO. 46-45 Bellaire with 1:48 to play. Bellaire had 4 offensive rebounds and couldn't convert. Kemper grabs a big board, and Anyigbo is fouled out. Kemper hits both ends of the one and one. Westlake 47-46 with 1:22 to play. Douglass for Bellaire! Westlake misses and puts Bellaire on the line with 35 seconds to go. McClellan hits them both and he has 23 for the Cardinals. Kemper rims a three in and out, but the ball is OB off Bellaire. Westlake calls TO and looks to get a chance at a three to tie the game with only 20 seconds left. Doolin's long three rattles our, and Westlake gets the offensive board with 8 seconds left. Great D by Bellaire. Westlake could not get a shot off. 50-47. Great game!

1st Quarter Austin Westlake 12 Houston Bellaire 9
Half Austin Westlake 27 Houston Bellaire 24
3rd Bellaire 38 Austin Westlake 34
Final Houston Bellaire 50 Austin Westlake 47