Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bartlett (TN) 53 Memphis Raleigh Egypt (TN) 47

I'm on the 2nd leg of my trip, having left Jackson, MS and last night I attended a game across the State lines into Memphis, TN between last years State Finalist, Raleigh Egypt and Bartlett. It was great to see my old friend from Five Star Camp days, Coach Brian Brooks who moved from Moss Point, MS to Memphis two years ago. That's the reason why I came to Memphis, to see his kids and give them some publicity. It was worth the trip.

It was not a particularly well played game as neither team had above average ball handlers so turnovers and missed free throws were in abundance. Having said that, it amazes me the depth of talent in the River City. As far as stat lines I was impressed with the following kids:
Below: 2010 unsigned senior, Alan Morris a 6'7" shot blocker supreme. Heading into the game he had recorded 170 blocks in 18 games! Wow. Last night he had 8 rebounds, 8 blocks and altered a half dozen more. A likely JuCo guy, he is the best shot blocker I've seen at his size. He also displayed a nice baby hook and a great motor. 2010 unsigned P Ronald "Tank" Brown is an academic qualifier. Although at times he didn't seem to be going full speed and to be totally focused mentally Brown does show a nice package. He's a wide body, can handle it a little and has a nice shot out to 12-15 feet. He finished with 14 points and 7 rebounds. He was plagued with foul trouble throughout.
2012 WG 6'2" Diere McElroy looks to be the real deal. He's undersized as a wing, but he's built well and moves with power and speed when he attacks the rim. He led Egypt with 17 points, despite going only 3-10 from the FT line. A good student, it looks like he's headed to mid major status, perhaps above as he improves his skill set and grows a little more.
A nice hidden gem playing in the suburbs of Memphis was Bartlett's 2012 G 6'2" Anthlon Bell. Needs to improve his ball handling to be a true combo, but he showed a smooth stroke and a nice first step. As per his high school coach, he's a high acadmic kid.