Saturday, January 23, 2010

San Antonio Antonian 75 Austin St. Michael's 68

Austin St. Michael's has an impressive record built outside the private school ranks in tourny play v. the 4A & 5A publics. They'll face a challenge today from a big Antonian team led by 2011 W 6'7" Jonathan Holmes, shown below. Holmes is easily a mid major, who with the right exposure could play himself up to the Power Conferences. He has the pedigree as his Pops played football for Nebraska back in the day. 2011 P 6'9" Darrious Hamilton (below) has transferred from 5A San Antonio Reagan and has also landed at Antonian. He is not in uniform. I did speak to his mom & dad today and they're excited to be in their new environment. Hamilton will have to sit out until next year as per TAAPS transfer rules.
I've been doing this a long time, and although the Bigs get attention, it's usually the guard play that decides games. The edge goes to St. Michael's as 2011 G 6'2" Jake Kocher (shown below with the Texas D-1 Ambassadors) can score with the best of them from deep or in traffic. Kocher is averaging close to 30 ppg. He'll need a big game today, and if they get it from him look for St. Michael's to win going away. If not, then they'll struggle.

I am a big fan of 2013 PG Justin Brickman. The drawback at the moment is that he's a freshman, but he handles it well and can shoot it too. He's shown what he can do in the past on loaded D-1 Ambassadors teams while in the 7th grade and at Texas Basketball Inc's All American Prodigy Camp. (Next Camp will be March 13-15th).

Austin St. Michael's 16-18--12-22-68
San Antonio Antonian 15-19-23-18-75
At the half, it's dead even. Neither team is controlling the boards however St. Michael's is letting Holmes do what he wants and he's killing them almost by himself. The 3rd quarter has been all Antonian, with Holmes continuing to pile up points, this time mainly from his offensive rebounding. In the course of action he is responsible for fouling out St. Michael's "beef" in Will McDonough midway though the 3rd. SMA has gone cold from the field with only 4 points in a 6 minute span. Not a good sign for them.
I love "Little Brick", Frosh Justin Brickman of Antonian who is fearless at going to the rim at about 5'6". That probably comes from having scrapped and clawed vs his older brothers; Jordan who was at the Naval Academy briefly and middle brother Jason who has signed with Long Island University. He's gaining confidence before my very eyes. St. Michael's is hanging from a thin branch as the 4th quarter starts. They'll need to hit shots AND keep Holmes off the boards. That's no easy task.
With 3:00 left in the game, the score 67-56 and with the Apaches on a three on one break, they inexplicbly jack up a shot from behind the arc instead of resetting and forcing SMA to foul. That's the kind of stuff that give teams a glimmer of hope and coaches get grey hair. The lead is now cut to 5 with 2:30 left to play. The last 2:00 were ragtag, with Antonian closing the game out at the free throw line.
Quite simply, Holmes destroyed the smaller St. Michael's team, both on the boards and from the wing.
Leading Scorers
Jonathan Holmes 47
Austin St. Michael's
Jake Kocher 25
Austin Burch 16