Monday, May 31, 2010

Team 2014 Wins Varsity Division

Team 2014 poses with Team 2013 out of Killen

Texas D-1 Ambassadors 2014

D-1 Ambassadors Team 2014 competed in the Memorial Day Classic over the weekend. The young group of 7th/8th graders did an excellent job playing against girls in the 10th/11th grade. we invited two of our players from the flagship team to join us this weekend and it proved to be a good experience for the young group.  2011 W 5'11 Kathyrn Tolbert has excellent range on her shot with the ability to get to the basket. Kathryn has a number of D-1 schools really interested in her coming to play. 2011 G 5'8 Rebeekah Knudson gets the hustle award. Rebeekah has great skills boasts loads of athleticism. The D-1 Ambassador will take her official visit to UTSA next week.

2011 W 5'11 Kathryn Tolbert

2011 G 5'8 Rebeekah Knudson

Team 2014 is one of the most talented groups in Texas. With great guard play and the ability to open the floor team 2014 should do great things the rest of this summer season.