Sunday, June 27, 2010

Texas Showcase Talent

Texas Showcase Team Champions

Varsity   New Braunfels Avengers
Junior Varsity     ATX-King
8th Grade  NAOE Bulldogs
5/6th Grade Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Williams, AGAPE Purple, AGAPE Black (All Tied)

It's always fun seeing new talent come on the horizon.  These were the guys that caught my eye at my Texas Basketball Inc. "Texas Showcase" held in Austin, TX this Sunday were as follows:

2017 Kade Ball  (headed to Austin Westlake)
Every time I looked up, Ball was scoring a basket from a variety of places on the floor.  He's from a good basketball family and is the product of a great community program in the Westlake Hoops. Ball dropped 20 in one contest.
2017 5'10" Isaiah Jasey (headed to Killeen Ellison)
Like all young post men Jasey needs tons of work on his footwork, but you can't teach height and length.  Has a natural timing on his shot blocking while keeping his body squared up.

2016 P Anthony Johnson (headed to Killeen High)
Who doesn't love a kid who registers double doubles with regularity.  Johnson, at 5'4" is a widebody who is relentless around the goal and has pretty good post footwork already.
2014  W  6'1" Willie Mays Jr.  (headed to Austin McCallum)
Mays is a do it all athlete (and a relative of THE Willie Mays, the Say Hey Kid). What a bloodline!
2014 G Darius Johnson (headed to Austin LBJ)
LBJ Coach Freddie Roland will have him another speedster in slashing guard Darius Johnson who gets to the hoop any time he wants.
2013 P 6'9"  Leonard Allen  Round Rock
Allen's long and lean, and will definitely grow more.  Strength and aggressiveness is an issue but hard work will overcome that and make him a top prospect. Has a nice touch and displayed an effective baby hook.
 2012 SG Brooks Taylor  SG   Houston Memorial
I didn't see Taylor do too much else but it looks like he can sling it from the perimeter with the best of them when he has his feet set.
2012 WG 6'3" Kyle Hittle  New Braunfels
The Unicorns should have a nice squad this coming fall with lots of "solids". 2012 Hittle will be ultra effective at the high school level because he competes on every play.  Sprinkle in a nice perimeter shot along with a solid body (which makes him board bigger than 6'3") and it makes him one to watch.  Needs to increase ball handling skills to convert to a SG at the next level.