Sunday, June 12, 2011

Texas D1 Ambassadors-Austin @ GASO

The Memorial Day Great American Shootout in Dallas saw the Austin group struggle through the Super Pool, going 1-2, but then they reeled off 4 successive wins to end up losing the championship to the Dallas Mustangs.  This week at the College Station GASO event, they went through their pool like a knife through hot butter, and ended up laying an egg in their first bracket game.

2012 W Allex Austin is rounding into basketball shape after being AWOL in the spring to train for the high jump.  He recorded the Nation's highest jump at 7'2".  Yesterday he had 5 transition flushes in one game, and his almost unblockable three pointer also is now beginning to fall.
2012 Allex Austin of San Marcos
Texas D1 were led by 2012 Michael Hardge with 17 points.  Props to 2012 Paul Baxter of Austin Bowie, the most athletic guard in Cen Tex' Class of 2012 & high school team mate 2012 Marik Isom who went off for 26 in the win.