Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kerrville Tivy 61 Elgin 50

2009 G 6'1' Derryl Nash of Elgin. He had one of the nastiest dunks I've seen this year in a high school game v. Kerrville Tivy.
Kerrville's 201 G 6'4" Jonathan Perry. Possibly the San Antonio area's most versatile player at the 1, 2, or 3. I'm here in the Hill Country at Kerrville High School for the matchup between the home team, Coach Brian Young's Antlers and the Elgin Wildcats. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to everyone. Special prayers go out to Elgin Coach Dave Schmitt and his family. He is not in attendance today, instead he's in Pittsburgh at his mother's side. God Bless.
The two key players today to watch are Elgin Senior 2009 G 6'1" Derryl Nash who has emerged as a big time scorer for the Wildcats and 2010 6'4" Jonathan Perry an All Region performer for the Antlers as a sophomore last season. Perry missed the early part of th season with a bum knee. After having medial meniscus surgery he's back and looking as good as new averaging around 23 ppg since his return from his injury.

1st Quarter Kerrville Tivy 15 Elgin 14
Out of the gate, each team misses a shot, both have a turnover & then Perry takes a charge for Tivy. Tivy's 2010 6'7" Taylor Finley goes 2-2 from the line to open the scoring. Finley is long and is developing a bit of a nasty streak which could serve him well as he goes along down in the post. Perry and Nash trade buckets. Score is tied 4-4. Perry turns in the lane, draws the foul and the bucket falls as he's being knocked to the floor. Free throw..GOOD. Steal by Elgin's Derrick Falke, bucket. 7-6 Tivy with 4:00 to go in the 1st.
Steal by Nash out of the Kerrville TO. Fouled on the breakaway, he hits 1-2 free throws. Elgin has decided to deny Perry the ball and then double him if he does get it. Nice pull up 10 footer by Finlay. Elgin answers with an offensive putback by Leif Moore. Perry goes back to the line and knocks them both down. Another steal and bucket by Nash, The kid is quick. On the other end, Perry is back on the line. Pop! Pop! You can make a living from there folks. He's 5-5 so far.

Halftime Kerrville Tivy 32 Elgin 23

Perry runs the baseline, and gets open for a three from the corner. Elgin answers back with a weakside layup. TO Elgin with 6:15 left and Tivy leading 20-16. Tivy is making a living at the free throw line, going 11-11 and already in the double bonus. Bucket Elgin, by Leif Moore with the soft touch off the glass. Nice dish by nash to Moore and we're knotted up at 20. Intentional foul against Kerrville, but Elgin's Korey Jones lost his head retaliated and has been ejected from the game. Emotions are running high. Elgin missed their techs, but Perry is money on the other end for Tivy hitting both. Offensive rebound by Nash, he'll shoot two. Miss, Make. Finlay goes to the line for Tivy after missing a tough turnaround. Make, Make. Tivy by 3. The teams trade additional trips to the line. Its a free throw shoot a thon. Perry for three.

Leading Scorers at the Half

Tivy Jonathan Perry 17 Taylor Finlay 8

Elgin Leif Moore 9 Derryl Nash 6

3rd Quarter Kerrville Tivy 43 Elgin 35

Perry on the line, goes 1-2. Offensive rebound putback by Senior Leif Moore. He's almost solely keeping Elgin in the game with his work on the boards. Longgg 3 by Nash. That was Elgin's first perimeter make of the game. Neither team is shooting well. Tivy 34-28. Nash with another nice step back three. Perry with a nice lefthanded take to the rack. He'll shoot two. Make, Make. Perry is a tough matchup when he plays the one. He's long enough and a solid enough ballhandler that once he gets his shoulder a smaller defender, he's at the rack. Tivy 37-31 with 3:04 left in the 3rd. Finlay is back on the line. He has nice footwork in the post, he just has to get stronger and keep from being pushed out of the block so easily. He hits them both. Nice driving layup by Kerrville's Bobby Schreiner. Nash drives the lane and throws down a monster DUNK as the quarter ends.

4th Quarter Kerrville Tivy

Perry drives hard to the bucket, uses his body and draws the foul. Makes 1-2. Wow! Nash just posterized Finlay in one of the nicest high school dunks I've seen this year. Tivy 44-37. Nice make off the glass from 8 feet by Elgin. Finlay has maintained his composure after the dunk job, and is still competing with a 3 at the other end. He actually seems fired up by it and is now on the line after an aggressive move down low. He hits them both. Perry drives hard from the baseline, hits a nice spinning layup and the an one FT. Tivy leads 55-40 with 4:00 left. This one's a wrap. Kerrville made it's living at the free throw line, and Elgin couldn't buy a shot from the perimeter.

Finlay has drawn his 4th foul for Kerrville. Maybe this is the sliver Elgin can use to get back in it as he's been handling the smaller Elgin players on the boards. Tivy will run clock now, and heaven forbid Elgin will have to FOUL....This is a foulfest.

FINAL SCORE Kerrville Tivy 61 Elgin 50

Leading Scorers
Elgin Derryl Nash 18 Leif Moore 12

Kerrville Tivy Jonathan Perry 27 Taylor Finlay 16