Saturday, December 13, 2008

Texas Basketball Inc's Pre Christmas Warm Up Tourny

Lake Travis wins on buzzer beater!

Great early season competition. Props to the young Lake Travis team for hanging in there and competing hard while learning the game from Coach Lance Carter. The three 6th grade groups were evenly matched. The championship game saw Lake Travis come from 12 points down with only a few minutes to play to win at the buzzer v. Westlake Hoops in the championship and avenge their pool play defeat.From Top To Bottom:
Coach JD Florence coaches 'em up in the Warriors Huddle
2015 Harrison Hackney
2015 Hudson Hall
2015 Jake Budde
2015 Jamie Hudson
2016 Jack Wakefield

It's time to take a break from high school ball (for a few hours) and give some pub to the young bucks coming up. We're hosting a small 5/6th grade boys tourny at Akins HS today and wanted to take a minute to give props to the little ballers. Before I go on though, let's make sure that we keep this in perspective and not get big heads. There's a lot of work ahead, be humble, take care of your grades and respect your parents and the beautiful game of basketball. :-)
There was some great early season action with spirited competition amongst the Austin area young guns. Hats off to the parents for being involved with their kids and to the coaches who volunteer their time. You can see the hard work and commitment that goes into helping make these kids better. The Warriors exhibit as good a spacing and ball movement as a number of the high schools in the area. That does not happen by accident.

Lake Travis Select is a program that does a great job of instilling the fundamentals in the youngsters. Program Director Lance Carter played his D-1 ball at Mercer University in Georgia and also doubles as a coach of one of the Texas D-1 Ambassadors high school groups during the summer. It's a joy to watch his littlest new crew do the simple things such as passing and cutting away from the ball. If parents of young players have patience, Lance will instill/reinforce a lifelong love of the game in their kids.

Players to watch:

Class of 2016 (5th Grade)

Jack Wakefield (Lake Travis Select)
Coordinated, quick and not afraid to get in there and mix it up against the bigger 6th grade kids.

Class of 2015 (6th Grade)
Harrison Hackney (Westlake Hoops)
-Excellent court vision, advanced skill set of guard and post up skills. Scored very high at the combine.

Hudson Hall (Westlake Hoops)
-Solidly built youngster that competes hard play in and play out.
Jamie Hudson (Warriors)
-Nice handles and a sweet, soft shot.

Jake Budde (Lake Travis Select)
-Skilled and long for his age. At 5'7" looks like he's going to grow into a very nice player.