Friday, December 12, 2008

Pflugerville 57 v St. Michael's 42

Top To Bottom:
2011 G Jake Kocher of Austin St. Michael's dropped 19 points in the 1st half v. Pflugerville.
2009 PG Jonathan Garza of Pflugerville (Lamar University signee) led the Panthers in the 2nd half to their victory over St. Michaels.
1st Quarter St. Michael's 14 Pflugerville 10

Should be a good matchup tonight, as both teams can really shoot from the perimeter. St. Michael's will be without co-floor leader David Rodriguez who is sitting this one out. The key to the game for St. Michael's 2009 Chase Kocher who will have his work cut out for him facing Pflugerville's expected pressure.
For the 2nd game in their own tournament Pflugerville has come out of the gate slower than Coach Murphy would like. St. Michael's has jumped out to a 10-3 lead, keyed by a deep three, and a driving layup from 2011 Jake Kocher. Let me tell you folks, if you don't blanket this Kocher kid he is going to hurt you (and even if you do he still will light ou up.). 2011 Deon Mitchell hits a three for the Panthers. He follows up with a steal and a deuce. So far, the two sophs are the best kid players on the floor. Jake Kocher has 8 for St. Mike's and Deon Mitchell has 8 for the Panthers.

2nd Quarter St. Michael's 25 Pflugerville 25

In an odd move, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, suddenly Rodriguez is eligible to play in the game. UIL rules do not apply to the private on! Mitchell from way downtown...BANG! Another P'ville three by 2011 Sammy Flowers. Jake Kocher wastes no time in answering back with one of his own. TO, and it's a 17-16 St. Michael's lead. Kocher with ANOTHER driving layup in traffic. Kocher with a beautiful catch and shoot triple. 22-16 Crusaders. Jarrell Turner from beyond the arc for The Ville. Kocher drops another one from another zip code. Will somebody D this kid up? Brian Todd with the offensive board and the put back for P'ville. Turner with a bomb and the half ends 25-25.

Leading Scorers @ Halftime

Pflugerville: Deon Mitchell 11 Sammy Flowers 6 Jarrell Turner 6
St. Michael's : Jake Kocher 19

3rd Quarter Pflugerville 43 St. Michael's 33

33-29 Pflugerville as Garza hits the 3, and Brian Todd powers up a layup in traffic. Garza with the 3 on a nice kick out from Todd. 38-29 Panthers. TO St. Michael's. They have to be careful here, or they could get run out of the gym real quick. Timely TO by Coach Mackey Smith. Mitchell sticks the knife in with a triple after the TO. 41-29. Austin Burch finally gets off for St. Mike's. They need his perimeter game to keep the Panthers from keying on Kocher. Big offensive board and putback by Smith. That period was all Pflugerville.

4th Quarter Pflugerville 57 St. Michael's 42

St. Michael's has gone cold with near misses and a few poor finishes around the goal. Mitchell with the transition layup, and a defender hanging all over him..and 1...GOOD! 49-33. This one's a wrap. Texas A&M baseball signee 2009 P 6'6" Kyle Martin gets a layup for the Crusaders. St. Michael's is forced to trap and scramble, and that's just not their game. Steal, bucket Flowers. Da Ville just has too many athletes and Leasure has hit a couple in a row for St. Mike's and it's now 53-40 Pflugerville. Todd hits for 2. Garza drops a nice dime to Smith for 2. Both teams empty their benches to give the youngsters a few touches.

FINAL SCORE Pflugerville 57 St. Michael's 42

Leading Scorers
Pflugerville: Deon Mitchell 20
St. Michael's Jake Kocher 19