Sunday, April 18, 2010

Colorado Hawks 70 Texas D-1 Ambassadors 68

The Texas D-1 Ambassadors were eliminted from the Double Pump Spring Classic late last nigh, but not without a fight.  In a game where the foul count was absurdly one sided ; 12-4 in the first, & 7-1 with 8 minutes left to play in the 2nd half the boys still fought and fought to pull back from a near game long double digit deficit as our opponent scored 33 points from the free throw line.

Despite the obstacles D-1 scratched their way to a 4 point lead with 16 seconds left to play. Two quick turnovers and an officials "inadvertent whistle" that inexplicably gave the home town team the ball back after one of the Colorado players slipped and travelled 3-4 feet on the floor allowed them to hit a twisting shot at the buzzer that once again occurred because the clock didn't start despite only 2 seconds left to play.  Wow.

2010 P 7'0" David Hahn led the team with 14 points and 7 rebounds.  The "footer" is a full academic qualifier and after having been granted his mutual release from his scholarship by Texas State has proven to me that he is now maturing and not only will eventually be a difference maker in the Southland Conference, but even higher.  WAC, MWC, Sun Belt and others do not hesitate to call me on this young man.  His family has asked me to screen his recruiting and advise them on viable options.

Hahn takes up a lot of space in the paint at 7'0" & 250 pounds.  He carries it well and ran the floor extremely well, even in Denver with it's thin air.  He still has to become less mechanical offensively but he showed very nice footwork on several occasions where he shoulder faked on way, came back the other and squared up for a deadly close range jumper. 

Deon Mitchell   13 pts   4 assists
Jake Kocher       3 pts
Alex Caruso       1 pt
Andre Roberson 11 pts 6 rebounds 3 blocks
Jaleel Williams   14 pts 4 assists
Jalen Washington 10 pts