Monday, April 19, 2010

Tad Boyle Takes Colorado Job

The Texas D-1 Ambassadors just returned from the Double Pump Spring Classic in Denver, CO.  Flight delays kept us from getting home until 1AM this morning.  As has been documented in a previous report, the boys went 3-1 losing a tough finale.  Outsiders often wonder what's different about the D-1 organization (aside from the obvious numbers of college signees).  It's the RELATIONSHIPS that have been built over 10 years of building trust and dealing with integrity with college coaches.  It's on that note, that we got off the plane Friday morning in Denver and immediately hopped in our van for a visit to the campus in the beautiful college town of Greeley.

Basketball is our focal point, but it's a concern for the student athlete and their pursuit of an education that makes the organization special.  On most every trip we take, I insist that the kids visit a college campus on an "unofficial" visit.  On that note, with 2010 PG Paul Garnica of San Antonio Lee already signed and 2011 PG Dylan Elias of San Antonio Lee verbally committed both kids were understandably concerned that Coach Tad Boyle's name was in the running for several jobs.  Boyle's success in building Northern Colorado from 4 wins when he arrived, to 25 wins when he leaves today was the reason his name was thrown in the hat for Hawaii and now an opportunity to do his thing in the Big XII at Colorado.

The reality was that Boyle likely was going nowhere as he enjoyed coaching and Northern Colorado, located in his hometown of Greeley  UNLESS it was a power conference job.  To only have to move his family an hour southwest to the beautiful Boulder campus made it a no brainer .(forget the extra "zero" which will be added to his salary).  Coach Boyle and I talked at length on Friday (the day prior to his interview) as Assistant B.J. Hill gave our group of guys a campus tour.  It's a tough business and it seems like you're either about to get fired, or you move on to a bigger job.  There's not a lot in between.  Coach assured me that IF he landed the Colorado job that our two boys (Elias, left & Garnica, right) would not be hurt by his decision. 

Look for Assistant B.J. Hill an extremely competent young assistant who was at point for much of the recruiting of Garnica & Elias to be hired as the new head coach. This will maintain continuity with Northern Colorado's recruiting class, returning talent base and the strong community support that the staff has built in making this program an exciting place to play.

Expect another bombshell announcement by me as "collateral damage" from this move.  Congrats to Coach Boyle for his hire and all the best.  He's a hard worker and deals with folks with integrity.