Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Texas Super Showcase Sweet 16: Sunday, October 3rd @ Concordia University

The 2nd Annual D1 Nation Texas Super Showcase Sweet 16 will be held this Sunday, October 3rd at Concordia University in Austin, TX. 

With a few exceptions, these are some of the top talent laden squads in the Austin/San Antonio area this coming 2010-2011 season.  Some of the top performers in no particular order will be:

2012 G Santiago Parades of Austin Waldorf 
2011  All State F 6'5" Brooks Pawsat & 2011 F 6'7" Austin Jenkins of  Austin Hyde Park
2012 PG Michael Hardge of Georgetown
2011 G Deon Mitchell of Pflugerville (Northern Iowa)
2011 P 6'9" Shane Minnick of Marble Falls
2013 P 6'6" Drew Wikelius, PG Will Morse & 2012 SG R.J. Rowan of Austin Westlake
2011 P 6'7" Malcolm McDonald of Killeen Shoemaker
2012 G Marcel Pimpton of Pflugerville Connally
2011 W Jaleel Williams of Killeen Ellison
2013 PG John Azzinarro of San Antonio Brennan
2012 G J. Mychal Reese & 2013 G Travon Landry of Bryan
2011 G Jake Kocher & 2011 W Adam Whitlock of Austin St. Michael's
2011 G Tre Demps of San Antonio Reagan (Northwestern)
2011 G Eric McClellan, 2011 G Alex Reinking & 2013 W Patrick Strake of Austin High
2011 W 6'5" Jaleel Williams & 2011 G Devonta Brown of Killeen Ellison
2012 W 6'5" Allex Austin & 2012 G G Collin Hart of San Marcos
2011 PG Tre Demps & 2011 WG Max Yon of San Antonio Reagan
2011 G Eric McClellan of Austin High
2011 PG Deon Mitchell, 2012 W 6'4" Jamal Shabazz, 2013 PG T.J. Williams & 2011 W Cameron Blue of Pflugerville
2011 G Yolonzo Moore, 2011 G Malcolm Canada, & 2013 W Lionel Hollins of Austin Akins

Who knows what other bright, young stars will burst onto the scene at this year's Super Showcase. Admission is $7 for the day, for all games.  College and high school coach's passes will be honored.
 Court 1

9AM Austin Waldorf (TAPPS) v D1 Ambassadors
10:10AM Georgetown (16-5A) v Marble Falls (25-4A)
11:20AM Austin Westlake (15-5A) v Killeen Shoemaker (12-5A)
12:30PM Pflugerville Connally (16-4A) v San Antonio Brennan (28-4A)
1:40PM Georgetown (16-5A) v D1 Ambassadors
2:50 PM Bryan (12-5A) v Austin Westlake (15-5A)
4PM San Antonio Brennan (28-4A) v Austin Waldorf (TAPPS)
5:10PM Killeen Shoemaker (12-5A) v Pflugerville Connally (16-4A)

                                              Court 2

9AM Austin St. Michael’s (TAPPS) v Austin High (15-5A)
10:10AM Killeen Ellison (12-5A) v San Marcos (25-5A)
11:20AM San Antonio Reagan (26-5A) v Bryan (12-5A)
12:30PM Austin High (15-5A) v San Marcos (25-5A)
1:40PM Pflugerville (16-5A) v Austin St. Michael's (TAPPS)
2:50 PM Killeen Ellison (12-5A) v Austin Akins (15-5A)
4PM San Antonio Reagan (26-5A) v Pflugerville (16-5A)
5:10PM Austin Akins (15-5A) v Marble Falls (25-4A)