Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Time Texans @ Pangos Camp-Los Angeles, CA

From Left to Right:
2008 7'0" James Blasczyk (Friendswood HS) signed with Texas A&M
2008 6'3" Garland Judkins (Christian Life HS) signed with University of Arizona
2009 6'9" Cory Jefferson (Killeen HS) verbal to Baylor University
2009 6'0" Reger Dowell (Duncanville HS) verbal to Oklahoma State
2010 6'8" Daniel Alexander (Dripping Springs HS) currently has firm offers from Marquette, Baylor, Texas A&M, TCU, Utah, and many others.
2010 6'4" Jacob Horton (Clear Lake HS)
2009 6'5" Roger Frankin (Duncanville HS) verbal to Oklahoma State.

Like most folks I find myself with good intentions, but fall subject to procrastination and not getting things done in a timely fashion. For close to 2 years now I've thought of doing a daily blog and starting my own recruiting/ranking service. I just never got motivated to do it. UNTIL, I wrote the following synopsis of Texas kids who were in attendance at the perstigious Pangos All American Camp this past June. Most everyone in the grassroots basketball business ackowledges that this camp is the premier camp on the West Coast, year in and year out. Outstanding players are in attendance, and most major scouting services are on hand to evaluate the kids and write stories about the kids. I originally posted the following info on June 3rd based upon my personal observations and subsequent stories which were published by ESPN, and a host of others. It is my pledge to report information as accurately as I can and to never be negative or mean spirited towards players.


Coach Max

Originally written and posted on a message board June 3, 2008

Pangos All American Camp May 31-June 1st Los Angeles, CA.
In what is clearly the best camp on the West Coast and just a notch below Nike and Reebok, 7 Texas kids more than held their own this past weekend. Three of them made the Top 20 Cream of the Crop Game:
Reger Dowell Duncanville ..Dallas Showtyme
Roger Franklin Duncanville ..Team Texas
Cory Jefferson Killeen ..Texas D-1 Ambassadors

Two made the Top 40 Cream of the Crop Game.
James Blasczyk Friendswood Texas D-1 Ambassadors
Daniel Alexander Dripping Springs Texas D-1 Ambassadors (Class of 2010) Garland Judkins arrived late because of grad, but the Brewster Prep player showed great flashes.
Jacob Horton of Clear Lake (Class of 2010) had one game with 17 points and showed that he had one of the purest shots at camp. Both play with the D-1 Ambassadors as well.
15 National Scouting Services were in attendance.

Jefferson was named the best big man/shot blocker, Franklin the most CONSISTENT player in camp, and Dowell was just a hair beneath concensus number one player John Wall of North Carolina.

Overall, a great showing by our Texas kids on the court. I also received extensive compliments on their decorum and behavior both on and off the court. All their parents should be proud. Coach Max Texas D-1 Ambassadors

Here we are, almost 4 months later. Look at the signings and commitments that these kids have achieved. Was Old Coach Max on the money or not? As I said in the post 4 months ago, all of Texas should be proud of these players. Three to the Big XII, and two to the Pac 10, with the other two on the cusp of great things too! Congratulations to the boys and their families.