Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17th Pflugerville Fall League

Spent my night in Pflugerville having an early look at Coach Mike Murphy's Pflugerville HS Fall League. Each year this Fall League's participation level increases and the quality of the local teams involved continues to climb, thanks in great degree to the Big Fella's hospitality. Murph may not be able to run the court anymore, but he can still shoot lights out as he did back in his days as a Texas Longhorn...and trust me on this one folks, he can drive a golf ball 350 yds..straight....much to my

Basketball in the Austin area is definitely on the upswing, with many of the top ballers now coming out of the suburban schools. Having said that, some things never change as Austin LBJ will be loaded for the nth year in a row. Many of the key players are in helmets and pads at the moment, so expect updates on my initial impressions of how the various squads will look by the time district play rolls around come December.

Tonight's varsity matchups are:

Round Rock Stony Point 42 v Austin High 46
Round Rock McNeil 44 v Pflugerville Connally 41
Austin LBJ 63 v Round Rock Westwood 66
Leander 49 v Lake Travis 53
Round Rock 69 v Austin Anderson 27
Pflugerville Hendrickson 36 v Austin Westlake 47
Pflugerville 47 v Liberty Hill 42