Monday, March 15, 2010

All American Prodigy Camp Dunk Contest Highlights

Just like NBA weekend, everyone gets excited about the dunk contest.  We had a nice mix of power dunkers such as Austin LBJ's David Weathers & high flyers like Pflugerville Hendrickson's Jalen Washington.    Look at these great photos captured by Mr. Todd Winters.

Left: 2014 Deandre Davis of Cedar Park (TX) put himself on the map with several impressive power dunks.  Here, he's seen stylin' & profilin' as he rises over fellow camper J.D. Heisner.

Right 2011 W 6'5" Jeleel Williams of Killeen Ellison reminded me a lot of former Houston Rocket Clyde Drexler as he glided through the air effortlessly way aboe the rim.  Here he takes off from just inside the free throw line as he flushes.
Co-Dunk Champions of the March 2010 All American Prodigy Camp Deandre Davis (left) and Jaleel Williams (right).