Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twintastic Monroe Sisters

Kaylin & Kayrin Monroe on bottom, sister Raven on top

Agile and mobile are the identical twin sisters Kaylin and Kayrin Monroe. Interchangeable combo Jr guards from Manor may stand at 5'1", but plays much bigger. You can catch them this club season at they play their 5th year with TA D1 Austin Elite 2011 team. Energy and excitement are a given but their ability to make plays with a smile on their face sets them apart. Sure twins are cute, but these twins are respected for their game and the talent they display on the court.

As expected, they can swap places or take turns without skipping a beat and none to the wiser. This is evident in their high school awards. Last year Kayrin made 1st team all-district and side kick Kaylin made 2nd team, this year Kaylin made 1st team all-district with Kayrin making 2nd team. Your turn - My turn rules the day at the Monroe house. Manor has made the playoffs every year the girls have been on varsity. Their quickness is unique and their competitiveness sets them apart.  Both are great students and play other sports as well including volleyball and track. Not sprints, but its the jump that they participate in. It's that athleticism that allows them to play bigger than height.

Their dream is to one day play collegiate basketball and have received letters from several colleges. D1 is the goal, but they are completely open to anyone offering a scholarship to two explosive combo guards that can run all day and all night with a smile.