Saturday, March 6, 2010

Region 4: 4A FINAL Austin Lake Travis 38 Kerrville Tivy 31

Preview/Prediction:  Tivy by 1.  This is a tough one.  I know both coaches and programs, along with their kids.  It could go either way.  Both can shoot it, while both also get it inside.  Both run patient offenses but can also speed the game up a little if needed.  Who'll impose their will?  Interestingly enough they were scheduled to meet in the championship game of Tivy's Christmas Tournament but for some reason they decided against playing the game.  Perhaps they both saw this day potentially looming, even back in late December?

With two evenly matched teams and the game in doubt, let's go with the best player on the court.  Slightest edge to Kerrville and 2010 Combo Guard Jonathan Perry.  Could it be another OT game?

1st Quarter.  Both teams are still feeling each other out.  Karczewsli  has asserted himself with 4 points, 3 boards & a block for LT.

2nd Quarter.  After tying the score early at 14 all, and Karczewski on the bench with 2 fouls the game looked to be swinging Tivy's way.  However an errant Tivy pass led to an Eads steal and foul on Belford sending him to the bench.  The other Tivy guards cannot handle Eads.  He ate them up with dribble penetration and pull up jumpers (4 of them) and he leads LT with 14 points, 12 of them in the 2nd quarter.  At the half, Lake Travis is up 24-16.

3rd Quarter.  Tivy scored the first two buckets, but Perry picked up his 2nd & 3rd fouls quickly and is on the bnch with almost 6 minutes left in the quarter.  Tivy will be hard pressed to weather this storm. The half ends 33-26 in favor of LT.  Eads continues to eat Tivy up with 19 points.

Is there anything quite like high school basketball?  With 6:37 left Tivy, keyed by a Belford steal and 5 points in a row by Perry and LT is forced to call a timeout.  LT has a 33-31 lead.  With the score 34-31, and 3:30 left Eads has picked up his 4th foul.  With 1:30 left, Tivy was cught either being confused or changing defenses and Eads calmly found Vucurevich all alone for a layup.  And that's going to cost them the ball game.  The best player on the court tday was Lake Travis guard David Eads with 19 points and the Cavs head to the Drum with a 38-31 victory.

Above left, David Eads controlled the ball game and teakes Lake Travis to State for the first time, following in their long line of football success.  Above right, Joanthan Perry finishes his illustrious high school career with a fairly quiet 9 points.