Friday, November 21, 2008

Austin St. Michael's 65 v. San Antonio Holmes 51

I'm here at the San Antonio Christian Schools Tournament for the matchup between 5A SA Holmes Huskies and the Austin St. Michael's Crusaders. Looking forward to seeing St. Michael's. Being a private school they don't seem to get any respect from the main stream media. They already have a quality win under their belt vs. 5A Round Rock Stony Point).

Missed their game last night but they had a pretty good San Antonio Lee group down early by 17 points but the scrappy Lee group came back and beat them handily behind 2010 PG Paul Garnica's 37 points. No shame in that though as Garnica is being recruited heavily early on with the Ivy League's Cornell, among others checking him out a couple of weeks ago. Garnica is the most complete point in San Antonio in the Class of 2010 and can score at will in addition to running a team.

St. Michael's Starters

#2 2009 Chase Kocher
#11 2009 David Rodriguez
#12 2011 Jake Kocher
#32 Nick Leasure
#33 2009 Kyle Martin

San Antonio Holmes Starters

#3 Ortiz
#22 Harak-Sharif
#23 Sanchez
#24 Uranga
#34 Spencer

1st Quarter St. Michael's 18 SA Holmes 12

It's easy to see why the Crusaders will be competitive with most. They've got a bevy of guys who can fire it up deep; David Rodriguez, Austin Burch, and the Kocher Boys (2009 Chase & 2011 Jake). Question will be how well they can rebound after 2009 P 6'6" Kyle Martin (signed with Texas A&M to play baseball) is out of the lineup. This looks like a down year for Holmes. They do not seem to have a go to guy or an identity that I can determine at the moment.

Both teams are playing minimal defense with guys getting wide open uncontested looks at both ends of the court., although St. Michael's is getting most of their looks by going inside out.

Halftime St. Michael's 27 SA Holmes 24

Leading Scorers

St. Michaels'
Austin Burch 9

SA Holmes
Uranga 7

I really like St. Michael's two young shooters; Burch and Kocher. Burch recently transferred in from Round Rock Westwood and will have a very nice career. Kocher still has a ways to go with his athleticism but the kid can flat out score from the perimeter and in traffic. Martin had 6 pts in the 3rd, but it was the perimeter shooting that has enabled SM to pull away. Burch has hit 3 and Kocher 1 in this quarter.

End 3rd Quarter St. Michael's 49 SA Holmes 36

Final Austin St. Michael's 65 San Antonio Holmes 51

Leading Scorers

San Antonio Holmes
Uranga 10
Ortiz 11

St. Michael's
Kyle Martin 10
Austin Burch 23 pts (7 triples)
Jake Kocher 11 pts
David Rodriguez 11 pts

Looks like St. Michael's can play with most public schools. We'll see how their depth looks once football ends and they fill out their roster.