Saturday, November 29, 2008

Houston 2nd Baptist Austin LBJ

1. 2012 G 6'1" LJ Rose of 2nd Baptist Eagles
2. 2010 CG 6'3" Donald Dallas of Austin LBJ
I'm here in Houston at Rick Nelson's Reebok Texas Classic for the game between Houston 2nd Baptist and AUstin LBJ. I'm looking forward to seeing 2012 PG 6'1" L.J. Rose who was part of that great backcourt with the Texas D-1 Ambassadors where he was paired with fellow Phenom J. Mychal Reese.

1st Quarter Houston 2nd Baptist 20 Austin LBJ 8

Right out of the gate, 2012 Phenom L.J. Rose knocks down a triple to open the scoring, followed by and and one layup ...missed Ft...2nd Baptist up 8-0. LBJ has tossed up a couple of perimeter shots with nothing falling. Timeout LBJ, with 2nd Baptist. They'll be at the line. Lee goes to the bench with 3 fouls for the Jags.

Darryl Roberts breaks the goose egg for LBJ. Nice floater by Rose and it's 13-2 for 2nd Baptist. The Jags are missing 2009 6'7" Tim Dailey who is nursing a high ankle sprain. As a result the Jags are getting outmuscled inside. 2011 Robert Lee is now on the line for LBJ...Miss, Miss. Pow! LJ Rose with his 3rd triple of the quarter. Darryl Roberts has hit LBJ's first 3 of the day. 2nd Baptist 16 LBJ 8

Nice dish inside by Rose. The youngster now has 4 dimes to go along with his 8 points. Donald Dallas has three fouls for the Jags.

2nd Quarter Houston 2nd Baptist 41 Austin LBJ 27

A quick timoeout by 2nd Baptist as LBJ has scored a couple of buckets in a row. 23-12 is the score. The jags are starting to swarm, but LJ Rose has beaten the press impressively and fired a bullet pass to the rim for an easy layup. 2nd Baptist by 14. At the moment Robert Lee is the only Jag who seems to be competing at the top of his game. A lot of the guys are still in "football shape". Lookk for veteran Coach Freddie Roland to have his Jags in top form in the next several weeks. I love Donald Dallas' length. The 2010 6'3" combo guard has been hampered by fouls so we haven't seen much of him yet. He's a good student, and a nice prospect though. With Rose on the bench, LBJ is trying to chip away.

Leading Scorers at the Half

Austin LBJ

Darryl Roberts 8

Houston 2nd Baptist

LJ Rose 10 pts 5 assists
Sanders 7
Herrera 7

3rd Quarter Houston 2nd Baptist 57 Austin LBJ 52

Robinson knocks down a 3 and the Jags have cut it to 9. Bucket Heider!...LBJ continues to fight. Dallas has hit his first bucket, but misses the and 1. 2nd Baptist by 9. I really like the other 2nd Baptist G Chris Sanders. He has a sneaky good game and finds a variety of ways to score. Timeout 2nd Baptist Eagles. 2nd Baptist 50 Austin LBJ 41.

Dallas is on the line again. Makes them both. Rose answers with a a quick bucket..Jags respond again. 7 point game. Robinson knocks down the 3 from Dallas, and here come the Jagsssssss! 52-48 The pace of the game is picking up. 2nd Baptist does not want to get into a running contest with LBJ. Jags on the line for an and 1 by Cameron good....Two point game. Rose turns around and knocks down 1 out of two from the line. Cameron Brown with the spinning one hander from Dallas. Herrera answers back for 2nd Baptist. Dallas on the line for LBJ to end the quarter. Miss, Miss
4th Quarter Houston 2nd Baptist Austin LBJ

2nd Baptist comes out afire to open the quarter. Jags are getting caught in transition and they are paying the price. 2nd Baptist has stretched their lead out to 9 with 5:59 left to play. Big 3 by Darryl Roberts out of the timeout for LBJ. Nice mid range baseline shot by Rose. Roberts and Dallas are giving a lot of energy for the Jags. Sweet dish by Dallas to Heider. 6 point game. Rose, kicks it to Sanders for 3. Donald Dallas comes back with the 4 point play! Slashing runner by Robinson. Turnover 2nd Baptist. TO. LBJ has a chance to narrow it to one, or tie with 2:39 left in the game. Brown drops the layup in for LBJ. 1 point game! Floater by Sanders. Possession arrow Jags after a scrum on the floor. With 23 seconds left, the Jags have fouled Rose. Make, Miss. 4 point 2nd Baptist lead. Dallas with the length of the floor layup. TO Jags with 12 seconds left and a 2 point game. Rose back on the line one more time. Make, Make. The freshman cements the win.

FINAL SCORE Houston 2nd Baptist 75 Austin LBJ 71

Player of the Game for 2nd Baptist is LJ Rose with 19 points and 7 assists

Player of the Game for Austin LBJ is Donald Dallas with 10 points.

Darryl Roberts also chipped in with 15 points for LBJ.