Thursday, November 27, 2008

Austin Westlake 72 San Antonio Reagan 63

1. 2011 G 6'2" Trey Demps of San Antonio Reagan
2. San Antonio Reagan Timeout: Coach Littleton, always teaching and spurring his troops onward.

We're here at the Jack Frost Tournament in Georgetown, Texas for the opening game between Austin Westlake and San Antonio Reagan. Westlake as reported will be pretty good this year with the Big 3 of the Junior Class; 2010 PG Cody Doolin, 2010 W Conner Kemper, and 2010 P 6'9" Gus Leeper.

This is our 1st peek at Reagan, but we do know they'll be well coached as Jimmy Littleton really knows his stuff. Whatever else they do, they will man you up tough defensively. Looks like they're a little bit young but they have three of the better sophs in the San Antonio area. 2011 6'5" W Max Yon can really fill it up and California move in 2011 PG 6'2" Tre Demps has a smooth game. 2011 P 6'8" Darrious Hamilton is athletic and has a nice touch. Their Senior leadership is anchored by 2009 W 6'3' Reggie Hargrove.

1st Quarter San Antonio Reagan 14 Westlake 9

Off the opening tip Doolin blows past his defender and gets to the rack for 2. Westlake is pressing full court, Reagan has to make an adjustment. Nice running scoop by Reagan Senior G Wayne Martinez. Play is a little sloppy as the teams trade turnovers, miss chippie shots and displaying just an all around lackluster brand of play. Perhaps that's to be expected out of two team's whose leadership comes from sophs and juniors. I guess I'm spoiled after seeing the 32 minutes of intensity yesterday between San Antonio Madison and Pflugerville. Yon hits a nice 15 foot jumper off the catch and shoot. That's a weapon that makes him dangerous. He follows with a nice slash to the basket for 2 more. Westlake is simply not finishing at the rim or playing with intensity.

Leading Scorers

Austin Westlake

Cody Doolin 4

San Antonio Madison

Wayne Martinez 5
Darrious Hamilton 5

2nd Quarter (Halftime) Westlake 34 Reagan 31

I'm liking Demps. He's long, and willing to defend. He hit a nice scoop and a deep 3. It's Reagan 21 Westlake 17, as Big Leeper gets off with a Duncan-like kiss off the backboard for the Chaps. Nice dribble drive by Fell, and a kick to the corner for the big Wing, Kemper for 3eeeeeeeeeeee! 21-21 Even Up.

Doolin steals the ball, and gets the layup despite the intentional foul by Demps. Two free throws are good. Westlake by 4 and the ball. Kemper at the free throw line. Make, Make. 12-0 run Westlake. Timeout Reagan. 27-21 Westlake with 3:14 left in the half.

Nice dish by Yon out of the TO, to Hamilton for the layup...and one...GOOD! Unguarded on the other end, Kemper hits his 2nd conscutive triple. That's what makes him a potential D-1 mid major or better in my opinion although he MUST start playing aggressively and taking advantage of that big body on a regular v. intermittent basis. Once he figures that out, look out folks. Anoth easy layup for Hamilton followed by one by Reggie Hargrove and momentum has swung back again. Timeout Westlake. Chaps are up by 3 with 1:37 left to play in the half.

Leading Scorers at the Half

Kemper 7
Doolin 6

Hamilton 10
Martinez 7

3rd Quarter Austin Westlake 55 San Antonio Reagan 40

A quick layup by Westlake's Cliff Houston opens the 2nd half scoring. Great hustle play by Kemper as he's laying on the floor..steal..gets it back...Threee Kenper! That's a difference maker. 40-32 Westlake leads with 5:00 left in the 3rd...another steal by Kemper....three ball Doolin...Timeout Reagan as the Chaps widen their lead to 11.

Coach Littleton is about to blow a gasket with his young team and their Oh the joys of coaching 15 and 16 year olds. I love it, as he's always teaching and trying to make his guys get it NOW and to make them better players....Another 3 by Doolin.followed by another by Kemper..Westlake by 16. Nice runner by Demps in the lane...and one...Miss. Demps with the short jumper off the glass....Reagan now needs a couple of stops to get back in the game. Nice follow by Leeper off a Doolin miss...and now Leeper takes a charge at the other end....The Big Guy is showing some real good signs of aggression. That quarter was all Westlake 21-9.

4th Quarter Austin Westlake San Antonio Reagan

Nice steal and subsequent dime by Doolin as he caught Kemper in full stride for a layup and 1...Good. Nice move by Yon under the bucket. He'll be a good one as time goes by. Nice floater by Demps...again, I like the Reagan youngsters. Nice dish by Hargrove, bucket Yon..Steal, layup Demps..Reagan on a run now and it's a mangageable 10 point game. Timeout Westlake as they could not inbound the ball. Hargrove with a hard driving layup. Another Reagan steal and layup...6 point Westlake lead. Kemper goes to the line for Westlake...Make, Make. Demps on the line for Reagan...make make. 6 point lead with 2:30 left in the game. In bounds from Doolin to Kemper, for a lay in. The two longtime summer team mates are showing nice chemistry. Another nice dish by Hargrove. Westlake by 9 and it's now a free throw shooting contest with less than a minute left to play. Doolin at the line...Make, Make. Another nice mid range shot by Demps as he showed great body control coming across the lane. Kemper on the line...Make, Make. A final bucket by Demps makes it 72-63

FINAL SCORE Austin Westlake 72 San Antonio Reagan 63

Leading Scorers

Austin Westlake

Kemper 23
Doolin 17

San Antonio Reagan

Tre Demps 17