Friday, November 21, 2008

San Antonio Lee 68 Austin St. Andrew's 51

Below: 2010 PG 6'0" Paul Garnica
San Antonio Lee Volunteers Starters

#3 2010 Paul Garnica
#10 2009 Adam Muro
#20 2009 Henry Garcia
#34 2010 Ryan Pierce
#42 2010 Michael McPherson

Austin St. Andrew's Crusaders Starters

#2 2009 Wroc
#12 2010 Wilson
#20 2011 Hunter Davee
#33 2009 Boxberger
#44 2009 Brigham
This game should be a cakewalk for 5A Lee, but I am interested to see Lee's 2010 Combo of Garnica and Pierce. Also, 2011 Hunter Davee a transfer from Austin Lake Travis is a youngster to watch. Great to see Lee Bossman Tommy Hines on the sidelines again, looking surprisingly refreshed after his stint with the Open Heart Surgery Man last month.
It has been a sloppy 1st quarter for both teams. Lee is not in synch and have thrown up a lot of shots that have clanked. St. Andrew's strategy, to deny Garnica the ball is a good one, however the Crusaders don't have anyone with the same athleticism so he generally ends up with it in his hands despite their best efforts. He makes the Volunteers go. Scoring has started to pick up as the 1st quarter ends.
End 1st Quarter Lee 17 St. Andrew's 11
Despite nursing a sore groin,Garnica has 10 points after the 1st... a block, and has dropped two dimes as well as several deflections on defense.
Timeout Crusaders as the Vols are on a run, 24-11 with 6 minutes left in the 2nd.
"Big Country" Jake Boxberger is working his butt off at both ends of the floor despite his crew being overmatched.
Halftime San Antonio Lee 38 St. Andrew's 22
Garnica 14 pts
Garcia 5 pts
Pierce 9pts
Muro 9 pts
St. Anthony's
Boxberger 8 pts
Lee scores in flurries. I've coached a lot of quality kids over the years, but only Junior "Whitworth" Treasure of Houston Bush (who recently signed with Texas Southern in the SWAC) had the same knack that Garnica has to deflect and steal balls. He really understands angles and is uncanny when it comes to anticipating where the ball is going. Garnica is also one of those kids you just love to hate,because he just simply gets in other kids heads. However if he's on your team you really embrace him. He's a winner, and makes his team mates better too.
Ryan Pierce is showing nice athleticism for Lee. I think he can really be a good player and a nice complement to Garnica in the backcourt.
End of 3rd Quarter San Antonio Lee 55 Austin St. Andrew's 36
Final San Antonio Lee 68 Austin St. Andrew's 51
Jake Boxberger had 22 for the Crusaders while Lee got balanced scoring with Paul Garnica had 16 for the Vols. He had scored 30 and 37 in his two previous games. Ryan Pierce chipped in with 19 points for the Lee Vols.