Wednesday, November 26, 2008

San Antonio Madison 74 Pflugerville 66 (Double Overtime)

From Top To Bottom:

1. 2012 W/P Christopher Campbell
2. Madison Huddle, with Coach Valenzuela sppurring his troops on.
3. Pflugerville Player of the Game 2011 CG Deion Mitchell
4. San Antonio Madison Player of the Game 2010 Jamaal Johnson

(My apologies of the blurred pic Jamaal, we'll take another one of you soon...Coach Max

I'm here in Pflugerville for the much anticipated matchup between the Pflugerville Panthers and San Antonio Madison Mavs who are fresh off an overtime win over the Nation's previous #1 team, Duncanville. A bit of the luster is gone though because of who is not here. I have Madsion #1 in the Cen Tex/South Texas and Pflugerville at #4, although neither is at full strength today.

Pflugerville is without 2009 P 6'8" Osas Ebomwonyi (Lamar signee) and highly recruited 2010 W 6'5" Demetris Smith who is wearing a boot on his foot. For Madison 6'8" Big Timer 2010 Steven Baird will be absent as unfortunately his grandfather passed on. Rest in peace, and our condolences to the Baird Family.

There is plenty of star power left. Pflugerville PG 2009 5'10" Jonathan Garza (Lamar signee) and 2010 CG 5'11" Deion Mitchell (the top Austin area guard prospect in 2011) will be forced to handle what promises to be relentless Madison pressure and depth. They will have to protect the ball and hit their perimeter shots on offense.

On the other side Madison will bring the heat with 2009 6'3" CG Cameron Catlett , 2009 P 6'4" Jonathan Landry ( a Coppin State signee) and 2009 6'4" Travis Smith. Don't know if he'll get any burn, but Madison also boasts one of Texas' brightest 2012 prospects in 2012 W 6'5" Christopher Campbell.

1st Quarter Madison 14 Pflugerville 12

Two early Madison buckets by running the high-low with Simmons and Landry, followed by a nice leaner on the P'ville end by Todd and a smooth triple by Mitchell. P'ville5 Madison 4. Timeout Madison.
Both teams have missed several perimeter shots, especially Madison. I can hear Coach Val imploring them to go inside more against the smaller Pflugerville players. 4:00 into the game and we have our 1st foul. Madison trey ball by Travis Smith. Whew..nice dish by Mitchell to Todd for a P'ville layup. Rebound by the youngster Campbell for Madison. Dunk!...Landry! Madison has only two turnovers off their pressure. This will be the key to the game. Can P'ville play through the lack of depth for 32 minutes?

2nd Quarter San Antonio Madison 31 Pflugerville 28

Todd hit a nice 15 foot bank shot from the wing to draw the two team even. Three ball and layup Jamaal Johnson for the Mavs. Timeout P'ville with 5:56 left in the 2nd, as Madison goes up 19-14. Nice leaning floater by Mitchell in the lane. Pflugerville is getting impatient with their shot selection. This may be a key point in the game. Two baskets by Storm Woods, just recently off the football field is keeping Pflugerville close. Landry drops a layup in, and throw, no good. Todd is doing a hack of a job on the boards almost by himself for Pflugerville. 28-22 Madison leads. WOW..what a dime by Mitchell...bullet pass for the bucket. ..another dime by Mitchell..that's 3 sweet looks. We're tied again. Travis Smith on the line, and one for the Mavs and a 3 point lead.

Leading Scorers

San Antonio Madison

Jamaal Johnson 8
Jonathan Landry 8


Bryan Todd 11 pts 7 rebounds
Storm Woods 8

3rd Quarter

Nice transition bucket by Garza. Goaltending against Travis Smith. 32-31 Madison. Madison has a nice group, but I'm not convinced they can consistently shoot from the perimeter. Nice dish from Catlett to Woods for 2. Timeout Madison with 5:04 left and Madison up by 2.

Nice seal by Madison, 6 footer by Simmons. DUNK!....Brian Todd for The Ville...BLOCK..Todd, Mitchell with the trey ball. Timeout Madison, with 3:07 left in the 3rd. Pflugerville 37 San Antonio Madison 36. The two teams have just traded threes. Not sure how this one will end up, but oddly enough it's Pflugerville who is contrlling the pace. Madison cannot control the Panther guards off the dribble. We'll see if fatigue factors in during the last 8 minutes.

4th Quarter Madison 41 Pflugerville 40

Here we go...this is where champions are made! Jarell Turner for three, P'ville by two. This is a FUN HS basketball game...I love it! Will anyone get on a run in the last 7:00 minutes? Poor free throw shooting by Madison not a good sign. Mitchell for 3eeeeeeeeeeeee! The youngster Campbell is now on the line for the Mavs. Miss, Make. Ville by 1 with 5:40 left to play. 46-46

Coach Murphy and Coach Valenzuela are trading good natured barbs...Murph's complaining they've only shot 3 free throws, while Val says they haven't been (Two of the nicer guys in coaching by the way folks)

Steal by Catlett, bucket Madison. Timeout Pflugerville with 3:27 left and Madison up by 2. Free throws have tied the game...AGAIN...numerous lead changes. Bucket Simmons...Mavs by 2. Deep 3 by Mitchell is long...Madison is spreading the floor looking for a layup. Timeout Madison with 1:31 left to play. Madsion 52 P'Ville 50.

Steal Pflugerville! Bucket Mitchell....we're even....and Madison is looking for one shot. Catlett is on the line for Madison, double bonus time....Make, Make. Desperation tip by Todd at the buzzer! It's good!....OT BABY!....This is a helluva game folks. You do not have to go to Houston or Dallas to see good basketball.


Let's see if Madison's OT experience v North Crowley and Duncanville at the McDonald's Invitational will be a deciding factor. Madison ball, off the jump violation. Rebound P'ville off the Landry miss. Mitchell goes to the line to shoot 2. ..Miss, Make. Simmons with the power layup, and a chance for the Mavs and 1. Todd has fouled out...this hurts the Panthers big time on the boards. Make! Two point Madison lead. Simmons on the line again for the Mavs. Make...Make. Madison by 4. Steal Mitchell, layup Garza. Layup Landry. Mitchell for a deep three! Timeout Pflugerville with 1;3o left. Madison 61 Pflugerville 60.

Travel Madison, Pflugerville ball. 1:18 to play. Leaner by Jarell Turner. Ville by 1. Catlett shooting two...Miss, Make...Tie game...It's hully gully as all get out with 4 turnovers in the last crazy 30 seconds, and we're on to a 2nd OT! 62-62


Madsion is in the double bonus..they have been for about 7 minutes, Pflugerville is in the one and one. Ville gets the tip. Referee Ivan Booker should get extra pay for this one. Catlett hits a 2 from the perimeter. Garza answers with a tough shot. Catlett is back on the line...Make, Make. Madsion 64-62. Garza, jumper...GOOD. Timeout Pflugerville with 1:56 left. Game is tied 66-66.

Garza is on the and one...MISS. Jamaal Johnson for threeeeeee! Garza misses the three. Timeout Madison. 69-66 with 51 seconds to play.

BULLETIN: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO HOUSTON OR DALLAS TO SEE GREAT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this was on ESPN, it would be an Instant Classic.
Johnson is on the line for Madison. Miss, Make. Big block by Landry as Mitchell tried to get to the hole. Simmons on the line for Madison...Make, Make....72-66. it's a free throw shoot a, set, match Madison. Simmons hits two more free throws. Madison tightened up their free throw shooting down the OT stretch and that's what won the game for them. What a high school contest. COngratulations to all the kids who participated and Happy Thanksgiving and safe driving to all..Coach Max

FINAL SCORE Madison 74 Pflugerville 66

Player of the Game for San Antonio Madison was 2010 PG Jamaal Johnson with 20 points. He was the only reliable perimeter threat for the Mavs today with Big Steven Baird missing. 2009 G Cameron Catlett finished with 15 pts. He hit two shots from the field and added 11 more from the charity stripe.
2011 Deion Mitchell for Pflugerville is their Player of the Game and was at times the best player on the court. H e finished with 16 points for the Panthers. Brian Todd finished with 15 pts and double figure boards despite fouling out early.