Sunday, January 4, 2009

100th Post In Coach Max's Blog!

Coach Max with Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams, one of the most relentless professional recruiters in all of college basketball. He leaves no stone unturned in his search for the most talented players and quality people.

Here it is, a New Year. Blessings of good health and prosperity to all in 2009!

This is the 100th post in this blog in the three months since it's inception. For years I'd been informally passing on information about players to various college programs. In addition to kids in the Texas D-1 Ambassadors program, I kept a "book" of info on players I came across who were underexposed and when contacted by coaches looking for players would recommend kids I'd seen to them in addition to also passing on the info to other recruiting services who did not get to see Texas/Louisiana kids very often, if at all.

With the endorsement of many college coaching friends, and especially with the friendly push given to me by a high profile retired Austin business executive, here we are with our own recruiting service and info database. I believe it will be the most complete and comprehensive service in the country.

The database is on our web site Once there, you can click on the "Texas State Player Rankings". It has been developed with the ability to enter data on thousands of players and is fully sortable by "stars", height, position, etc. It includes my assessments, projections as to what level the player is likely to play at as well as general academic information. This information can be viewed by the general public on a NON subscription basis.

College programs who have chosen to subscribe will also receive player's contact information such as phone number and email as well as the specific GPA and SAT/ACT score.

The database has just come online and I have inputted data for about a dozen kids. Several will be added per day. We fully expect to have a database of over 500 players, both boys and girls by the April period.

I pledge to give as objective an assessment as possible, only evaluating player's I've seen personally or that one of our qualified contributor's has seen. Additionally I will be on hand with my staff evaluating player's who participate in our tournaments and who attend the All American Prodigy Camps in the coming Spring & Summer. They will be held in Austin, San Antonio and in the Rio Grande Valley.

Happy Basketball

Coach Max Ivany
Texas Basketball Inc.