Thursday, October 20, 2011

All American Prodigy Camp Recaps- Class of 2013/2012

The top performers at Max Ivany's All American Prodigy Camp-Austin in the Classes of 2013 and 2012 are listed below in alphabetical order.

Class of 2013
Sled Allen               F  6'3"               Austin St. Michael's
Allen has shown marked improvement in his ball handling, desire to drive to the goal and his overall aggressiveness.  Expect him to be the go to guy this year for a revamped St. Michael's squad.
Rasmus Bach         G 6'3"               Austin Anderson
Bach's still growing, and could top out at 6'6".  This kid is a player.  He's a worker and he's doing all the right things.  You can see in the way his body is changing and the bounce in his step.  The Aussie has a nice perimeter stroke but will also rise up and dunk on you.  Improved ballhandling will make him a big combo guard.
Darian Bostic         G 6'0"               Pflugerville
Bostic has the long frame, and a nice first step.  He has to use it on a more regular basis.  Can shoot the three ball, so you have to respect him on the perimeter.
Blake Danielak       F 6'7"               Liberty Hill
High major alert!  Start looking up Liberty Hill, TX on the map because ya'll will be stopping by there to see Danielak as he develops over the next two seasons.  This youngster has a bouncy step, can shoot the three, and is fundamental.  No, fundamental is not "code" for lacking in athleticism.  Has potential to be the total package.
Ty Johnson             F 6'5"               Austin Waldorf
Johnson is hard nosed and should really flourish under Austin Waldorf's new Coach Tremaine Wingfield (Louisville/Texas/15 Year Pro) as he develops his big man. 
Shane Lacaille        G 6'1"              Liberty Hill
Lacaille knows how to run a team. This physical PG has deceptive quickness and when he goes to the hole, he goes hard.  Will beat you off the bounce and can flick the long three as well.
Dylan Larson         G 5'11"             New Braunfels Christian
Larson is solid as a rock.  Will defend with a vengeance and knocks down shots.
Justin Moss            W 6'2"              Pflugerville
Moss is an exceptional athlete who is devastating in transition.  He has nifty moves around the basket, especially his little baby hook and floater from the left side.  Has to improve ballhandling as he's undersized to be a forward at the next level.
Will Morse              G 6'0"              Austin Westlake
Morse has become as good a shooter from the mid range and the perimeter as anyone in the Austin Class of 2013.  Handles the ball well, so he has combo appeal.
Napoleon Onyeje   G 6'0"               Pflugerville
Onyeje has always been a lights out shooter. Now he's adding muscle, improved his ball handling and shows nice glimpses of being able to handle PG responsibilities. 
Forest White          G 5'10"             Austin Waldorf
White is a tough high school player.  Should have an excellent career at tiny Waldorf where he'll get plenty of playing time.

Class of 2012

Marcus Roper        G 6'5"               San Antonio Stevens
Roper is a prototype WG.  He has a beautiful stroke on the perimeter.  He also has excellent hops and athleticism.  Everytime I see him play I expect to see him do more.  He rebounds the ball well, just not often enough.  Should have SAT score here shortly and I have no trouble endorsing Roper as a D1 prospect, who also has a great demeanor and disposition.
Damian Vidles        W 6'3"              Seagraves
Another of the camp's pleasant surprises.  The State ranked 200 meter man already has multiple track offers from schools like Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and UTEP.  He wants to be a baller too though and with his athleticism why not?  Tough as nails, he won't break if you hit him with a hammer.  Despite having gym rust (he's all everything on the football team) Vidles had some highlight reel dunks on the day.