Saturday, October 15, 2011

San Antonio Super Showcase -Player Wrap Ups

I want to thank the high school coaches who supported my Texas Super Showcase event today at Boerne Champion High School.  Brian Young (Kerrville Tivy), Kimball McHone (Boerne), Marc Gardner (San Antonio Brandeis), and Tim Kaman (Fredericksburg).  Special thanks to longtime friend Tommy Hines (SA Brennan) whose health looks great these days and to Stan Leech who as the Athletic Director of the Boerne District so graciously opened his gyms.  Boerne is a situation that every basketball afficionado in the State has to be envious of, proving that football and basketball can share athletes and have a high level of success.
Bad timing on my part as there was an event going on simultaneously at South San so I'll do better job of avoiding cheduling conflicts next year as we grow the event to the stature it enjoys in Austin.

Kerrville Tivy
Tivy's Riley Miller has big shoes to fill at the PG spot after the graduation of Deron Belford (Texas State) but he's got several nice weapons on his front line of what you know will eventually be a tough Tivy crew once Brian Young puts his brand on them. 2013 Cale Ham, undersized at 6'3" will also vie for playing time as he had the highest motor of anyone on the floor today and 2013 F Rowdy Winters is a skilled wing player. 2014 G Matt Perry is dangerous from the perimeter and will be the third member of the Perry Clan to start all 4 years for the Tivy Perrys...ugh, I mean Antlers.

2013   F 6'6" Zach Overby 
Overby has a chance to be REALLY good.  He's long, bouncy and his skills are improving rapidly. He showed he could get to the free throw line and once there knock them down which as an emerging big man makes him really dangerous.

2013   F 6'6" Pierce Grisebaum
Grisebaum is quickly emerging as a player who can make a difference.  His improvement from last season to this has been dramatic.  He's only been playing basketball for 3 years.

As always, Boerne will be tough in 3A.  Senior F Ryan Abbott (1st Team All District) is physical, athletic and can run the floor well for a big.  2012 G Bradley Veselka (2nd Team All District) can also score it for the Greyhounds. 

2013 PG 6'1" Griffin McHone
Defending District MVP Griffin McHone, the coach's son shows how getting in the weight room is a critical component of a player's development these days. He got to the rim most times he wanted as he shed weaker opponents.
2015 P 6'7" Zach Madlom
Don't know how much impact he'll have as a frosh but the skinny youngster wasn't afraid to mix it up and displayed a nice little hook shot for a 9th grader.  He'll likely be a handful over the years as you could see he worked hard.  Anyone remember how Boerne's Josh Loemers (Baylor) developed over the years under Coach McHone and Coach Leech's tutelage?
I rarely watch Fredericksburg play, but was pleasantly surprised at how they knew how to make the most out of what they had. They knocked down open shots with ball movement and pinned defenders down low, getting high percentage shots as they "ran their stuff".

2012 G 5'10" Tate Powell is bothered by bulging discs in his back, but that still doesn't keep last years 2nd Team All District pick from being dangerous, especially from beyond the arc as a spot up shooter.
2012 F 6'5"Dominic Carion is long.  Needs to get in the weight room but the Honorable Mention district player should be a force this season.

2012 G 6'1" Lyall Keen-Hammond (1st Team All District) is the team's best athlete.

San Antonio Brandeis
As Brandeis' young roster matures, Marc Gardner's charges are becoming dangerous.  They've got three starters as good as anyone and at the high school level, that's golden.  They were the most impressive team today, playing physically and with a swagger.  2012 F Jeremy Martinez is undersized but tough.

2013  PG 6'2" Justin Graham
The ball will be in Graham's hands most of the time. As he goes, so go the Broncos.  Athletic, he showed a reliable perimeter shot and got to the rim multiple times as he averaged more than 15 per contest.
2012  F 6'7" Eric Robinson
Still waiting for Robinson to really break out.  He's more of a face up four man that has the athleticism and body to really be a difference maker if the light goes on. Nice passing touch for a big.

2013 G 6'2" Matt Kallead
After playing JV as a soph (transfer from SA O'Connor), Kallead will prove to be a difference maker.  He averaged almost 20 points, was active on the boards and had a nose for the ball on both ends of the court.  His play will really open up the floor for PG Graham.

Boerne Champion
2013 G Jacob Jewls, 2012 shooter Colby Cantwell and 2012 F 6'4" Mitchell Schwartz will all be reliable scorers and role players for Coach Stan Leech who has coached 'em up for years and beaten many a more talented team on his way through the playoffs.

2012 P 6'8" Brandon Bartos is a wide body who won't show huge stat sheet numbers but will clog the lane on both ends and be an impact on the game.

2012 G 6'1" Trip Meltcher was Champion's most aggressive and productive offensive player on the day.

San Antonio Brennan
Brennan didn't come ready to play today.  That spells bad news for the lads when veteran Coach Tommy Hines gets hold of them on October 26th.  He's in the butt kicking business, and business will be good once official practice starts.  A lot is expected of a Brennan squad who as a new school played last year without a senior.  This seasoned group will be tough once the regular season gets under way.

2013  F 6'4" Christian Davis
Davis is athletic, runs the floor well and plays much bigger than his 6'4". He averaged double digit rebounds as a sophomore.

2013  PG 5'10" Johnny Azzinaro
Azzinaro plays the PG spot with as much polish as anyone, although today he was limited by a groin pull. He's a master of the mid range shot and along with Graham (Brandeis) and Marcus Keane (Warren) is one of the Alamo City's best 2013 PG prospects.
2013  W 6'4" George King
This time next year everyone may well be raving about King as he possesses all the tools to be a great player. He's long, athletic and will grow a bunch.  One of the area's explosive players, now he just needs to get a little mean streak as he matures. When he does, it's "Katy Bar the Door".