Friday, October 28, 2011

I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge Class of 2013 Recap #2

I'm here in Las Vegas, with another showcase to evaluate tomorrow in Sin City.  I'm sad to say that after the 5 hour drive from Phoenix I was too tired to do anything but watch the Rangers lose their epic World Series Game last night while I was at dinner with friends.  And then the old man was back in my room asleep at midnight.  What a whiner I am. 

Reminds me of several of the Austin players who said they were at a disadvantage playing a game before they faced the San Antonio guys and that's why they got beat.  Guess what gentlemen?  Your only 16 years old, and you should be able to go all day and also play with pride.  A college player works five times as hard on a daily basis.  Capacity to work and overcome adversity is one of the things coaches look for.
2013 G Johnny Azzinaro has the #1 finger raised in honor of the South's win, or was he continuing to stick it in the Austin player's eye even after the game was over?
San Antonio 115   Austin 95

While the younger classes had several very intriguing big prospects who made their marks on the game, the 2013 clash was guard heavy.  San Antonio's Marcus Keene, Johnny Azzinaro, Justin Brickman and Demarcus Whittington won this battle hands down as the Alamo City cruised to the win.

2013 G 5'11" San Antonio Warren
My man, Ray Jackson was hilarious, hanging nicknames on various kids who could play. We were sharing a laugh a minute as every time he touched the ball good things happened for Marcus "Cool Daddy" Keene. Keen scored 24 points by firing from deep, getting into the lane and either finishing or knocking down pull ups.  He has active hands defensively, coming up with several steals and dropped several cherry dimes as well.  Plays with the right mix of swagger and respect for the game.
2013 G Marcus Keene of San Antonio Warren
2013 G 5'10" Johnny Azzinaro of San Antonio Brennan
I'm a big fan of Azzinaro's.  "Jersey Sure" knocked down 17 points.  He knows how to run a team, get team mates involved and will take care of his own scoring business as needed.  He's a tough competitor who always gives 100%.  Azzinaro got a couple of PAC-12 looks when he was in Arizona but I think he'd be a perfect fit for the West Coast Conference style of play.
2013 G Johnny Azzinaro of San Antonio Brennan
2013 W 6'5" George King of San Antonio Brennan
King still looks like a baby even though he's 6'5" and solidly built with long arms.  Could grow to 6'8" and if he does, it's bad news for whoever gets in his way.  He's got nice bounce and is particularly devastating when slashing to the cup.  King had 20 points, including two buckets from deep and also got to the free throw line and once there knocked those down too.
2013 W George King of San Antonio Brennan
2013 5'9" Justin Brickman of San Antonio Clark
"Little Brick" will have an instant impact on a Clark team that is already very good with Seniors Carter Joseph and Adam Perez in the backcourt. He transferred over from San Antonio Antonian, following braintrust Papa Bruce Brickman's formula of his son's playing at a private school on varsity as freshmen and then coming to wreak havoc in the publics for their upper class years.  Brickman is in the mold of his two older brothers (Jordan-Navy) and (Justin-Long Island). He's a super slick, pass first point guard who will score (13 points) but he'd much rather set up team mates and drop dimes.  I love the way he plays, never saying a word but getting the job done.
2013 G Justin Brickman of San Antonio Clark
2012 W 6'2" Justin Moss of Pflugerville
I already mentioned him yesterday, but he came to play in the second game dropping 19 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in the loss.

2013 G 6'3" Demarcus Whittington of Corpus Christi Carroll
Whittington had 12 points and showed he could get to the rim with his long strides as well as catch and shoot.  Still growing, he'll be one to watch as he puts on some weight and refines his game.
2013 G Demarcus Whittington of Corpus Christi Carroll
2013 G 6'0" Griffin McHone of Boerne
McHone had 8 points and rebounds the ball particularly well, nabbing 8 for the game.  He's physical and solid as a rock.  He'll be another of those Boerne guys that get the job done and lead his team to Regionals or State before it's all done.
2013 G Griffin McHone of Boerne
2013 P 6'7" Wesley Brown gave his second straight nice effort (especially for a big man who has to run the floor) as he had 12 points and 6 rebounds.

2013 G 6'0" Napoleon Onyeje of Pflugerville
The sharpshooter had 10 points but dropped a game high 8 assists as he continues to morph into a combo guard.  Being paired in the backcourt with injured T.J. Williams of Pflugerville should really make the Panthers dangerous this year despite not having senior leadership.

2013 G 6'2" Taylor Sutlive of San Antonio Churchill
Austin Westlake is still in a daze from the then freshman Sutlive hitting 6 three pointers as a frosh in a huge playoff upset win.  That was no fluke as Sutlive has one of the sweetest strokes around.  He had 12 points.  Everytime the ball leaves his hand, it looks like it's going in. With Big Connor Lammert commanding double teams in the paint, expect Sutlive to have a huge year for Winston Churchill.
2013 G Taylor Sutlive of San Antonio Churchill