Thursday, October 27, 2011

I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge: Class of 2013 Recap #1

Both the Class of 2013 and Class of 2012 had "preliminary games" to decide which players from the North actually played in the Austin-San Antonio Challenge component.  There were twice as many Austin area players trying to make their name than those from San Antonio.  This was the case for three reasons; A) The event was held in Austin so it was convenient for kids in proximity to attend, B) I did a better job of informing Austin high school coaches as a group of the opportunity for their players, C) There was a noticeable complete lack of participation by a few club teams from San Antonio. Next time I will bypass this obstacle so individual families can decide for themselves to take advantage of an opportunity for their son.

The fact that over 100 players wanted to be part of this over a mere 10 day window of marketing which only included the web site and Facebook is pretty amazing.  Our next event styled this way will occur a week prior to State Tournament Weekend in March.  The next time it will be more convenient for the South players to attend and I will do a better job of informing the San Antonio High School Coaches.

2013 Austin Play In Game  Top Performers/Prospects

Blue  104     White  67

With five of the top six performers on one side of the ball it was easy to see why it was a blowout. Five players were in double figures for the Blue as they throttled the white team.  They were led by Ethan Gilbert (16), Stefan Vidovic (20), Kevin Diaz (13), John Gramlich (13) and Wesley Brown (13).

2013 W 6'5" Ethan Gilbert of Austin LBJ
Not only did Gilbert score 16 points but he also put in work on the boards with 13 rebounds, 2 blocks and dropped a couple of dimes as well.  Gilbert runs the floor extremely well, is long and skilled.  Easily on the high end of the mid major prospect scale.
2013 G 6'4" Stefan Vidovic of Lake Travis
I've watched Vidovic and have known his family for years.  He was a pleasant surprise not in his physical play, but with his maturity he showed on the court.  If he keeps this focus the sky is the limit.  He's got great range, elevates when he shoots his jumper and brings a toughness and swagger to the gym.  He had 20 points to lead all scorers and chipped in with 5 rebounds as well.
2013 G 6'0" John Gramlich of Austin Anderson
Gramlich is an excellent lead guard prospect. He had 13 points and 7 rebounds.  He always seems to be in control, knows how to run a team and to score as well if needed.  He was the Class of 2013's most committed on ball defender in the two games he played.
2013 W 6'2" Justin Moss of Pflugerville
As the rest of his squad was taking a spanking, Moss never quit.  He did what he does best running the floor and getting buckets in transition.  He led the way with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists.
2013 P 6'7" Wesley Brown of Pflugerville
Brown is an emerging big who had 13 points and 8 boards.  He is showing marked improvement in finishing around the goal and competing on the glass. Ivy League type grades as well make him an intriguing, well rounded prospect.
2013 F 6'7" Blake Danielak of Liberty Hill
Danielak is new to this super select type of stuff and he's still not quite asserting himself as much as he's likely to do once he understands he belongs with the area's elite.  He had a nice showing though with 10 points and 8 rebounds.  I love his versatility to go inside/out and his willingness to defend in the post against much more physical players.
2013 G 5'9" Kevin Diaz of Killeen Ellison
Recently moved from New York, Diaz has an edge to his game.  Likes to go one on one with an extremely quick first step and mad range out to 30 feet.  He's a streaky shooter with a flava to his game who can really fill it up.
2013 G 6'2" Will Morse of Austin Westlake
Morse is a combo who has a picture perfect jumper. He finished with 10 points and 4 rebounds. He's a solid contributor in all phases of the game.
2013 G 6'0" Jacob Vick of Georgetown
What I wouldn't give to put Vick's fundamental game into every player's body.  Pivot, reverse pivot, jab step, rip through....and all on the same possession! These are skills that many players are deficient in.  Now Vick just needs to adjust to the level and say I can FINISH against these guys.  I like him!
2013 G 6'0" Napoleon Onyeje of Pflugerville
Onyeje is usually a dominant scorer, but only tallyied 7 in this game.  What impressed me is that Onyeje is developing his game and becoming a complete player who is able to set up team mates and make them better. On his way to being a very good combo.
2013 G 6'4" Zach Behr of Temple
Behr has good size, is tough and shows excellent range on his shot.  Big enough to post up effectively down low but can also take you on the perimeter.
2013 G 6'3" Jordan Manse of Lake Travis
There were only 10 spots for the Challenge game, and Manse barely missed out as I determined him to be the guy on the cusp. He showed pure point guard vision and an understanding of how to get his team mates involved in the flow of the game.