Thursday, October 20, 2011

I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge Final Registration

This event has blown up!  Registration is closed. Thanks for all who showed interest.

COMPLETE event coverage will be provided by will be doing an event wrap up and as of Friday morning we also have gotten a commitment from my friend Chad Groth (former GM of the Harlem Globetrotters) and editor of to also do an event wrap up for the players on his site!
The Inaugural I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge has quickly become the most talked about event in the Cen Tex/South Texas basketball community. This first ever Austin-San Antonio Challenge of the Classes will be held at Austin LBJ High School this Sunday, October 23rd.
The address is: 7309 Lazy Creek Drive Austin, TX 78724 Mapquest link below:
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This one of a kind event will feature media coverage by
  We will have a clash of the classes with separate games for the Freshmen (2015), Sophomores (2014), Juniors-2 games (2013) a dunk contest, a three point shooting contest and the Seniors-2 games (2012). We will announce our preseason All Austin/Centex and All San Antonio/South Texas teams from this event as well as include recruiting reports on the top performers.
Where's the talent? San Antonio/South Texas?
Or is it Austin/Killeen...or both?
Ultimately will compile our Area List by Class with a number of prospects added from this event. There will also be an All Academic Category for those with a 3.0 or better GPA and a 900 SAT (two part). Be seen and be heard by and and

The list of participants has now been confirmed. Most of the Who's Who in prep basketball from the Central Texas/San Antonio area will be on hand with the exception of a few with minor injuries, family plans or in a couple of rare cases their high school coach balked at it.  This is the last legitimate outside basketball activity for high school players before UIL practice begins on October 27th.

Players, check in 45 minutes prior to your scheduled game for registration paperwork and issuance of numbered jersey.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

11 AM Class of 2015 Game (Freshmen)
12:30 Class of 2014 Game (Sophomores)
2:00 Class of 2013 Game (Juniors) (Game 1)
3:30 Class of 2013 Game (Juniors) (Game 2)
5:00 Three Point Contest
5:30 Dunk Contest
6:00 Class of 2012 Game (Seniors) (Game 1)
7:30 Class of 2012 Game (Seniors) (Game 2)

Confirmed San Antonio Participants
Class of 2015
Nathan Josephs          G 5'10"        San Antonio Clark
Jorden Kite                 G 6'3"          San Antonio Central Catholic
Zach Madlom              P 6'7"          Boerne
Jordan Murphy          F 6'4"           San Antonio Central Catholic
A.J. Carr                     F 6'5"           San Antonio Central Catholic
Tony Lewis                  F 6'7"          San Antonio Central Catholic
Jake Lindsey               G 6'3"          San Antonio Clark
Zackery Jonas             F 6'5"          Boerne Geneva
Jonah Mahone            G 5'11"        San Antonio Central Catholic
Joseph Nava                G 5'9"          San Antonio Central Catholic
Nathaniel Alvarado    G 5'3"          Hays

Class of 2014
A.C. Reid                      G 6'5"         Smithson Valley
Danny Kellum              F 6'5"          San Antonio Central Catholic
David Henry Jr.           G 5'9"         Cibolo Steele
P.J. Escobar                  G 5'8"         San Antonio Central Catholic
Matt Perry                    G 6'1"         Kerrville Tivy
Larry Stephens             G 6'1"        San Antonio Brandeis
Tanner Leisner             G 6'5"        Converse Judson
Jevon Hiliard                F 6'4"         Cibolo Steele
Cedric Ali                      G 6'0"        San Antonio East Central
Tobe Akabogu              G 6'3"         San Antonio Antonian

Class of 2013
George King                 W 6'5"        San Antonio Brennan
Kimball McHone         G 6'0"         Boerne
Taylor Sutlive               G 6'2"        San Antonio Churchill
Johnny Azzinaro          G 5'10"      San Antonio Brennan
Dylan Larson                G 5'11"      New Braunfels Christian
Demarcus Whittington G 6'1"       Corpus Christi Carroll
Daniel Adeniran            W 6'2"      San Antonio Brennan
Marcus Keane               G 5'11"     San Antonio Warren
Zach Overby                  F 6'6"       Kerrville Tivy
Justin Brickman            G 5'9"       San Antonio Clark

Class of 2012
Jered Kite                       F 6'10"     San Antonio Antonian
Connor Lammert           F 6'9"       San Antonio Churchill (Texas commit)
Christian Davis               F 6'3"      San Antonio Brennan
Uche Ofoegbu                 G 6'5"      San Antonio Stevens (Southern Methodist commit)
Taurean Waller Prince  F 6'7"       San Antonio Warren (Long Island commit)
Marcus Roper                 W 6'5"     San Antonio Stevens
Jerell Ellis                        G 6'4"      San Antonio Warren
Cale Ham                         F 6'3"      Kerrville Tivy
Allex Austin                     W 6'6"     San Marcos
Jarrin Johnson                G 6'1"     San Antonio O'Connor
Jordan Corona                G 6'0"     San Antonio Warren
Collin Hart                      G 5'11"   San Marcos
Confirmed Austin Participants

Class of 2015
Shaqur Martin               F 6'0"         Killeen Ellison
Demarius Cress             G 5'7"         Killeen
Heath Agnew                 F 6'5"          Hays
Mikell Clark                  G 6'0"         Killeen
Jordan Williamson       G 5'10"       Home School
Jalen R. Harris (2016)   G 5'7"        Austin LBJ
Logan Sneed                   G 5'9"        Cedar Park Vista Ridge
Kevin Owens                   P 6'4"        Austin St. Dominic Salvo
Callen Mikulenek           G 5'11"      Liberty Hill
Nick Thies                       G 5'8"        Hays
Jabrell Scott                    G 5'7"        Austin LBJ
C.J. Bobbitt                     F 6'5"         Harker Heights
Rashard Odomes            G 6'3"        Copperas Cove
Harrison Hackney          G 6'3"         Austin Westlake
Jaylen Shead                   G 5'10"       Pflugerville Connally
LaKendric Hyson           W 6'2"        Mumford

Class of 2014
Aubrie King                     G 6'5"         Mumford
Joseph Britton                  F 6'4"        Austin LBJ
Abrian Edwards              W 6'4"        Hutto
Trey Dilworth                  G 6'1"         Round Rock McNeil
Chase Carlton                  G 6'0"         Austin Westlake
Darius Johnson                G 6'0"         Austin LBJ
Garrett Gray                    W 6'4"        Marble Falls
Brian Long                        G 6'4"         Killeen
Luke Rowan                      G 6'1"         Austin Westlake
Melvin Anthony                 F 6'7"         Killeen
Zane Romero                    G 6'2"         Pflugerville
Jahlil Tutein                      G 6'1"         Austin LBJ
Cameron Delaney             G 6'3"         Harker Heights
Joshua Delaney                G 5'11"        Harker Heights

Class of 2013
T.J. Williams                     G 6'2"          Pflugerville* (injured)
Ethan Gilbert                    W 6'5"         Austin LBJ
Wesley Brown                    P 6'7"          Pflugerville
Shane Lacaille                    G 6'0"         Liberty Hill
Alex Frame                         F 6'7"          Austin Anderson
Lawrence Ammons            W 6'3"         Austin LBJ
Darius Brooks                     G 5'11          Pflugerville
Zach Behr                            W 6'4"        Temple
Derion Harris                      G 6'3"         Round Rock Cedar Ridge
Darian Bostic                       G 6'0"         Pflugerville
Jordan Manse                      G 6'3"         Lake Travis
Will Morse                           G 6'2"         Austin Westlake
Stefan Vidovic                     G 6'4"          Lake Travis
Isaak Gonzales                     G 5'10"       Pflugerville Hendrickson
Blake Danielak                     F 6'7"          Liberty Hill
Justin Moss                          W 6'2"         Pflugerville
Nick Ramadan                     W 6'5"         Hutto
Rasmus Bach                        G 6'2"         Austin Anderson
Devin Penn                            G 6'0"         Temple
Napoleon Onyeje                   G 6'0"         Pflugerville
John Gramlich                      G 6'0"         Austin Anderson
Vince DeBlasio                      W 6'3"        Austin Westlake
Sled Allen                               F 6'3"         Austin St. Michael's
Kevin Diaz                              G 5'8"        Killeen Ellison
Zach Nunnery                        F 6'3"         Austin Bowie
Jacob Vick                             G 6'0"         Georgetown

Class of 2012
Avery Polchinski                   G 6'4"         Temple
William Jefferson                 W 6'4"         Austin Bowie
Michael Hardge                     G 5'11"       Georgetown
Mark Brown                          F 6'4"          Austin Lanier
Collin Tubbs                          G 6'1"         Dripping Springs
R.J. Rowan                             G 5'10"       Austin Westlake
Paul Baxter                            G 6'1"          Austin Bowie (Sam Houston State commit)
Jamaal Shabazz                      W 6'5"        Pflugerville
Drew Wikelius                         P 6'7"         Austin Westlake
Spencer Philips                        G 5'9"        Austin Hyde Park
J.T. Dettman                            F 6'4"         Round Rock Westwood
Donte Neal                               F 6'3"         Austin Lanier
Matt Tyson                              G 5'10"       Lake Travis
Stephen Graves                       F 6'4"          Liberty Hill
Thomas Cherry                       G 5'10"       Harker Heights
Jon Gosnells                             F 6'4"         Bastrop
Derek Nalodka                        G  6'0"        Round Rock Westwood
Trumell McCrimmon             F 6'7"         Harker Heights