Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge: Class of 2014 Recap

The Class of 2014 game was dominated by the San Antonio squad as they dusted Austin to the tune of 89-75.  There might be a tiny asterisk next to this one as we added the two Harker Heights twins; Cameron and Joshua Delaney to the South squad and they both were very solid contributors.  2014 F Tanner Leisner was all over the boards, especially cleaning up the offensive glass of weak side rebounds and notching buckets.  He led everyone with 20 points.  2014 G Cameron Delaney a big physical guard added 13 points, while long, lean 2014 G A.C. Reid added 13, including three buckets from near NBA range.
2014 South Champions
On the Austin side of the ball, the two most productive players were ultra athletic and active in 2012 G Trey Dilworth with 18 points and 2012 G Brian Long adding 17 of his own. 
2014 North Squad
Top 2014 Prospects/Performers

Tough to choose who was the best prospect in this game.  I think we'll have to settle on both Dilworth and Long as being 1A and 1B in a pick 'em.

2012 G 6'1" Trey Dilworth of Round Rock McNeil
Dilworth is a powerful player and a relentless rebounder. He can hit from deep and get to the rim with ease, finishing above the iron.  For all the good things he does, he gets down on himself too easy and sometimes loses focus.  Once he realizes that ups and downs are part of the game he'll be even more productive as he has an impact on both ends of the floor.  He finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds.
2014 G 6'4" Brian Long of Killeen
Long has a devastating spin move down low and is a quick leaper who will bounce up there several times rebounding and cleaning up arounf the rim.  He's a tremendous slasher who also gets to the free throw line a number of times.  He finished with 17 points and 6 rebounds.
2014 F 6'5" Tanner Leisner of Converse Judson
As mentioned above Leisner combined hard work with positioning and savvy to notch 20 points and 9 rebounds.  Considering he plays for Judson's Mike Wacker you expect this youngster to continue to develop at a rapid rate.
2014 G 6'3" Cameron Delaney of Harker Heights
Delaney had 13 points most off of power moves toward the basket.  What was even more impressive though was his game high 10 boards from the SG spot.  Needs to work on the mid range for situations when he can't outmuscle opponents.
2014 G 6'5" A.C. Reid of Smithson Valley
Reid is long, and looks like he may top out at 6'7".  If he does he'll really be turning heads on the national scene.  He can slash his way to the rim quickly with his long strides but it was his devastating catch and shoot game from way downtown that really makes you pay attention to him.
2014 P 6'7" Melvin Anthony of Killeen
Anthony is still growing.  May end up being 6'9"-6'10".  He's got good athleticism but it's his length that makes him an intriguing prospect.  He had 8 rebounds for the contest.
2014 G 6'1" Larry Stephens of San Antonio Brandeis proved to be an active player on both ends of the floor.  He was productive offensively as he had 12 points.
2014 F 6'4" Garrett Gray of Marble Falls
Gray had 8 points and although was not consistent all game long showed signs of being a special player.  He's athletic and physically strong with basketball skills to boot.
2014 F 6'4" Jevon Hilliard of Cibolo Steele
Hilliard plays much bigger than 6'4". He had 6 points but 9 hard fought rebounds.  Definitely a glue guy who takes his defensive role seriously.  A valuable addition to any team.
2014 G Chase Carlton of Austin Westlake
His shot didn't fall on the day as he finished with 5 points, but I love the way he competes so hard and even in an "all star" type of scenario does the little things it takes to make his team a winner, including wanting to take on the responsibility of checking the other team's best player.