Saturday, December 5, 2009

KISD Championship Houston Westbury Christian 53 Killeen 49

The pace of this game is brisk and compared to this afternoon's affair between Ellison & Westbury the "stars" seem on track and nobody's hindered by fouls from doing their thing. Should be a good one.

Both teams are firing up a lot of threes both in transition and out of their sets. Few are falling. 2011 P Ta'Shaun Thomas has blocked several shots and altered others. At the half Killeen is led by 2010 G Ja'Corie Baker and 2011 G Anthony Taylor both with 6 points. Ta'Shaun Thomas has corralled 10 boards in the first half. For Westbury Anthony Collins and Senior Justin Foreman have 6 a piece.

Win or lose, I'd be remiss not to mention the solid play of Senior Anthony Brancato who quietly goes about his business every game for WCS. He rebounds well and can shoot it a ton from behind the arc. Nick Shepherd (Long Beach State) had his first bucket of the evening, an And 1 well into the 3rd quarter. Ja'Corie Baker is beginning to assert himself with strong drives to the hole. At the end of 3 quarters Westbury holds a slim 38-36 lead over the hometown Roos.

Sheppard came alive in the first couple of minutes of the 4th quarter, coupled with Justin Foreman's 5th three pointer of the game and with 6 minutes left, the Roos are on the ropes trailing 46-36. In what could be huge, Anthony Collins goes to the bench with 4 fouls and 4:00 on the clock. WCS leads 46-40. Shepherd just threw...and I mean THREW someone's stuff into the stands. Killen's Coach Fosset has picked up a tech and Sheppard has blocked another shot. WCS has done a great job of running clock and wth 50 seconds left they are up 50-40.

Ja'Corie Baker led Killeen with 18 points in the loss. Justin Foreman was clutch with his 3 point shooting and he gets my Game MVP.
Championship Game MVP 2010 W 6'4" Justin Foreman Westbury
Tournament MVP 2011 G 6'1" Anthony Collins Westbury
2010 G 6'2" Jeremy Laday Huntsville
2010 W 6'5" Jaleel Williams Ellison
2010 P 6'8" Nick Sheppard Westbury Christian
2011 P 6'7" Ta'Shaun Thomas Killeen
2010 G 5'10" Ja'Corie Baker Killeen