Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Braunfels Canyon 66 San Antonio Warren 61

Stop # 3 on the Thursday to Saturday Tournament Tour was Canyon HS in New Braunfels for the matchup between the host Canyon Cougars and San Antonio Warren.

2011 W 6'7" Reinier Strobos of New Braunfels Canyon 2011 W 6'4" Chris Freeman of San Antonio Warren will dunk on you in a heart beat.
Player Evaluations
San Antonio Warren
2010 P 6'6" Sean Harris. The Big Guy continues to be an enigma; one minute showing a finesse touch, bouncy step and excellent body control which should have already made him a sure fire D-1 prospect. The next minute players several inches shorter, less athletic and not near as strong compete favorably against him. Must get a higher revving motor. On the other hand, he had double digit blocks against Canyon.

2011 W 6'4" Chris Freeman. Freeman is continuing to acquire his basketball savvy but there's no doubting his superior athleticism and explosiveness makes him an intriguing prospect. Rebounds well, and will dunk on you in a heart beat.
2012 W 6'4" Taureen Prince-Waller. Athletic post man with nice upside.

New Braunfels Canyon
2011 W Reinier Strobos. Strobos projects as a wing down the line. Shows a good stroke, with range beyond the arc as well as a developing skill set which includes the ability to push the ball off the dribble. Needs dramatic improvement in strength, and a quickening of his feet defensively to eventually defend the wing.

2012 G Ian Gulick. Crafty scorer, nice stroke.

2010 G Max Harford is a ball of energy. Handles, shoots and defends, providing solid senior leadership.

Leading Scorers

Canyon Max Harford 12 Sean Tollinger 11

Warren Sean Harris