Saturday, December 5, 2009

KISD Semi Final Killeen 53 Huntsville 39

2011 P 6'7" Ta'Shaun Thomas catches a much deserved rest as he led the Roos to a semi final win in the KISD Classic.
Killeen came out like a house on fire in the 1st quarter holding Huntsville to only two points, and that was on an inbounds play. Huntsville has no answer down low for 2011 P 6'7" Ta'Shaun Thomas as he's scored 12 in the first half. Senior G Jeremy Laday was the only bright spot for Huntsville with 5 points.

The 3rd quarter was all Laday as he scored 12; from the three point line, free throw line and with his second big dunk of the game. This guy can help somebody, to be sure.

Laday has 24 for Huntsville while Tevin Bartney had two big dunks for the Roos late to secure the win.

Killeen 15-12-15-11-53
Huntsville 2-10-16-11-39