Friday, December 11, 2009

Texas Ambassadors Represent in the RGV

Congratulations to Mack Sanchez Jr., who was chosen to be on the cover of the magazine Mack Sanchez is a dual athlete that excels in both football and basketball. He has been with the Ambassadors the past two years and has attended the All-American Prodigy Camps as well. He is one of many athletes that has been blessed with talent both on the field and hardwood floor. This season, as QB, he led the Harlingen Cardinals Football program to the third round of the playoffs facing a tough Austin Westlake team. Now as basketball is in full swing, he will lead his team to the postseason and hopefully redeem their third round playoff loss to the SA Southwest Dragons from last year. Sanchez plays guard and always takes care of business. On Tuesday, against powerhouse 5A Weslaco Panthers, he dropped a high 21 points to lead his team to victory. Mack is a four year starter for varsity and is an All-District team member. He's played club basketball since the 4th grade and looks to have a very successful senior year. He is one of the top ten players to watch, according to the Valley Freedom Papers, in the Rio Grande Valley. Continue to hear this name as the season unfolds.