Monday, October 4, 2010

D1 Nation Real Talk: 2012 W 6'5" Allex Austin of San Marcos

The D1 Nation caught up with 2012 W 6'5" Allex Austin of San Marcos for some Real Talk.  The lanky high flyer from San Marcos had this to say:

What are some of your hobbies outside of basketball?
I love working out at my fathers gym, and cooking.
What's your favorite subject at school?
What music are you listening to before a game?
I like listening to rap music before games
Who's your favorite NBA player from Texas?
I don't know what players are from Texas.
List some goals you've set for this year?
Goals I have set for this year are making it to the State Tournament, and putting myself in positon to be recruited by major D-1 schools.
What's the most memorable moment in your high school career?
Passing the ball to a team member that was diagnosed with cancer and him hitting the game winning shot.
2012 W Allex Austin of San Marcos

Whats been your best "Sports Center" moment?
My best sports center moment was crossing over a player then dunking on a 6'6 player on the other team.
What college or NBA player do you model your game after?
Kevin Durant. but focusing more on being a defensive stopper.
Who are the top 5 colleges recruiting you the hardest?
As of now it's hard to say. I have been getting lots of letters.
List the top 6 players in Austin/ San Antonio right now
I have no idea.
If you won a $1,000,000 what would you do with it?
I would first take care of my family, then put some aside for a restaraunt I would like to own. The rest would go to a cancer charity.
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I see myself playing in the NBA

Austin is a long, lean player with great potential.  He's agile, skilled and can shoot it.  He blocks shots and can jump out of the gym.  (Pretty good genes as his dad, Charles was the Olympic Gold Medalist in the high jump.  As he gains strength, learns to put the ball on the floor a little better and puts on some beef then Austin will easily be a mid major, and likely high major recruit.-Coach Max Ivany