Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2013 (Bigs)

Top Left: 2013 6'6" Dominique Woodson
Top Right: 2013 6'4" Vinay Reddy
Bottom Left: 2013 6'1" Desmond Lowe
Bottom Right: 2013 6'2" Tyler Eyre
The Class of 2013 had 4 quality Bigs in the mix, all showing nice athleticism.

2013 W 6'2" Tyler Eyre of Austin ran a 3.04 20 yard dash and hit an above average 6 in the Hot Shot Shooting drill. Needs to work on his agility but had a good understanding of getting position when he chose to go down low. Well defined 186lb body can move people around when it's time to bang.

2013 6'1" Desmond Lowe of Austin had a 20 yard time of 3.07 as well as 20.4" vertical. He showed above average post moves alnog with a great attitude as he absorbed instruction. Needs to work on his face up game.

2013 P 6'6" Dominique Woodson of Round Rock also measure out at a 6'9" wingspan. He oozes potential. Once he gets really motivated to work, the sky will be the limit. Dominique lugged his 206lb big body to a top time of 2.98 amongst the bigs. A 20 inch vertical and a 79 inch broad jump coupled with the aforemnetioned stats makes him a big time prospect. He shows some pretty polished post moves and good footwork for a young Big.

2013 P 6'4" WF Vinay Reddy was the most accomplished Big at the Combine. His wingspan was also 6'9". I really did not see a flaw in his game, other than he needs to start to put weight on his frame and get in the weight room. Reddy's huge feet and lanky frame makes me think he could end up being around 6'10". He handled the ball as well as some of the guards, shot it in a superior fashion, hitting 7 of 10 in the Hot Shot Shooting drill, had an outstanding 95" borad jump and showed tremendous hustle as well. This makes Vinay one to watch in the Class of 2013!