Monday, October 27, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2012

Top Left: 2013 Miles Williams Top Right: 2013 Jarrin Johnson
2nd Left: 2013 R.J. Rowan 2nd Right: 2013 Spencer Phillips
3rd Left: 2013 Michael Hargis 3rd Right: 2013 Matt Tyson
4th Left: 2013 Matt Gramling 4th Right: 2013 Jamaal Shabazz
Lower Left: 2013 Drew Wikelius

Class of 2012 Top Performers By The Numbers

20 Yard dash

1. Miles Williams 2.68
1. Jarrin Johnson 2.68
3. R.J. Rowan 2.74
4. Matt Tyson 2.75
5.Davon Henry 2.77

Vertical Leap

1. Spencer Phillips 31.2"
2. Jarrin Johnson 28.4"
3. Miles Williams 27.8"
4. Nigel Robertson 27.3"
5. Matt Tyson 27.0"

Standing Broad Jump

1. Spencer Phillips 8'5"
2. Miles Williams 8'0"
3. Matt Tyson 7'8"
4. Matt Gramling 7'7"
5. Will Cefai 7'7"

Pro Agility Shuttle

1. Matt Tyson 4.69
2. Spencer Phillips 4.81
3. Davon Henry 4.90
4. Matt Gramling 4.93
5. Michael Hargis 5.00

Hot Shot Shooting Drill

1. Collin Tubbs 6/10 37.00 seconds
2. Spencer Phillips 6/10 38.74 seconds
3. R.J. Rowan 6/10 39.57 seconds
4. Matt Gramling 6/10 40.00 seconds
5. Drew Wikelius 6/10 42.08 seconds


1. Michael Hargis 6'8"
2. Jamaal Shabazz 6'7"
3. Drew Wikelius 6'5"
4. Davon Henry 6'4"
5. Christian Davis 6'2"
5. Jarrin Johnson 6'2"

There was only one true Big in the Class of 2012 and that was a player likely to turn out to be a very nice college "4" when it's all said and done.

2012 P 6'5" Drew Wikelius showed nice range on his shot and advanced footwork in the post. He also has a strong body. Once he improves his footspeed the sky's the limit. Look for Wikelius to not only make the varsity at 5A Austin Westlake but to also be a solid contributor by the time district play rolls around.

2012 W 6'3" Michael Hargis has as strong a set of post moves as anyone in the CenTex area as a freshman. His future will not be in the post though, it will be on the wing. He should make the talented LBJ varsity as a freshman. His strengths at the moment are that he's a strong rebounder. However he's a more than adequate ballhandler and as the son of former college Coach Mike Hargis (Jacksonville College and Huston-Tillotson) he'll be sure to continue to improve.

2012 W 6'4" Davon Henry is fast, strong and talented. He can bang inside, runs the floor, can take you off the dribble and has decent range on his shot. Look for big things from him.

2012 G 6'3" Jamaal Shabazz has a nice wingspan for a guard at 6'7". His handles are solid and he has range to the three point line on his shot. Runs the floor extremely well and will be a nice prospect.

2012 PG 5'6" Spencer Phillips showed the most all around athleticism of anyone in the Class of 2012. He won two timed events and finished second in two others. Phillips knows how to run a team, and can shoot the ball too. As he grows, his stock will continue to rise. Expect him to get significant varsity minutes this year as a freshman on the Hyde Park Varsity.

2012 PG 6'0" Matt Gramling of San Antonio projects to being a Division One point guard. He's in the top end of athleticism, but in addition this kid knows how to run a team. He's been playing up on the summer scene for several years now, so he is battle tested. He'll likely top out at about 6'3" which is great size for a true point. The kid can score too.

2012 W 6'1 Miles Williams was right there with Spencer Phillips as the best raw athlete in the Class of 2012. He shot the ball well too. Continued improvement of his ballhandling will be the key to how far he can rise.

2012 5'9" R.J. Rowan can really shoot lights out.