Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lewisville Flower Mound HS Boys Preview

Left to right:
2010 G 6'4" Travis Walker
2011 6'7" Andrew Werner
2011 G 6'2" Jordan Green
The kids from Flower Mound made the long drive down to San Antonio from the north side of the Metroplex. They ran into a buzzsaw in their 1st game Saturday morning v. Austin Westlake but settled down and competed hard in their last two games of the day.
I was impressed by several of their young kids.
2010 6'4" Travis Walker and 2011 6'2" Jordan Green look like they'll have Flower Mound looking good for the next few years. They both run in the summer with the North Texas Warriors.
The player who really impressed me was 2011 6'7" Andrew Werner. He runs the floor well and competes hard down low for a youngster. Where he really made his mark though was at the top of the key, where he pulled the bigger Westlake player up from the low post, and then hit 4 consecutive rainbows from above the free throw line. He runs in the summer with the Dallas Mustangs.