Friday, October 24, 2008

Top Combine Performers Boys Class of 2014

Top Left: 2014 Joshua Delaney
Top Right: 2014 Cameron Delaney
Bottom Left: 2014 Matt Perry
Bottom Right: 2014 Aubrie King
The top performers in the Class of 2014 were all guards.
2014 G 5'8" Matt Perry of Kerrville did not lead in any of the measurable categories. However, like his older brother Jonathan who will end up being a 4 year high school player and collegian before it's all said and done, young Perry shows many of the same attributes of his elder sibling. Hard work, hustle, coachability, being an above average shooter and having an insight into how to play the game will keep Matt Perry in the hunt for high school accolades and the same potential to play in college as Texas D-1 Ambassador Jonathan Perry. Parents Mr. & Mrs. Rick Perry were college tennis players at Oklahoma State. Wrong color orange, but other than that they're a great
2014 Twins, 5'7" Joshua Delaney & 5'9" Cameron Delaney were as to be expected carbon copies of each other. It was uncanny as they both posted the top time in the Class of 2014 in the Pro Agility Shuttle with a time of 5.06. They posted an identical 79" standing broad jump (only one inch off of Class leader Aubrie King). Cameron, two inches taller than his brother had a quicker time in the 20 yard dash, while Joshua turned the tables on his brother and had a better vertical. His 21.6" vertical lead all 2014 participants.
Both Delaney boys showed a great first step and got to the hole about whenever they wanted. Both are very good shooters, once again scoring exactly the same in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill. I love both these kids, they have a tremendous upside.
2014 G 5'11" Aubrie King edged out the other kids as the top performer in the Class of 2014. From the tiny town of Milano, TX he's the son of longtime Milano HS Coach Alvie King who also played his college ball at Temple Many of you may remember him as a legendary shooter once having made 799 out of 100 free throws and 97 out of 100 three pointers in competitions. Young Aubrie looks well on his way to being a chip off the old block. He scored top marks in the standing broad jump with 80", in the Pro Agility Shuttle with a time of 3.07 and scored a 7 in the Hot Shot Shooting Drill to lead the Class of 2014.
I loved watching Aubrie's demeanor in the scrimmages. He's an assassin, showing little emotion and a calm exterior regardless of the situation. These qualities make Aubrie King one to watch in the Class of 2014!